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2018-2019 Staff

Jared Barger

Hi. I'm Jared. I'm Web Editor/Ad Manager for the 2019-2020 school year. Other than writing I like to watch sports and play my keyboard/piano.

Lindsay Gordon

I'm Lindsay and I'm a junior Staff Reporter. I have a beautiful cat, Naala Bologna, I love tacos, and my favorite rapper is YNW Melly.

Destiny Adams-Matthews

My name is Destiny Adams-Matthews. I’m a sophomore and a staff reporter. This is my first time being in newspaper and I want o be a writer later in life

Gabriel Greco

Sup. I am Gabriel Greco I am a senior and chief photographer. I’m on cross country and involved with the drama department. I enjoy taking photos and making fun videos with my friends.

Kyle Phillips

I'm Kyle Phillips, CJE. This is my ninth year advising the Surveyor. I enjoy spending time with my wife and dog. I currently serve as the president of the Iowa High School Press Association.

Benjamin Janssen

I’m Ben Janssen a senior and the editor in chief. I do band, jazz band, marching band and just try not to get concussed anymore.

Isaac Gomez

I am a senior and the Sports Editor for the Wash Surveyor, this is my third and last year on the surveyor and second as an editor. I plan on going to a four year college while majoring in Marine Biology. I am on the Varsity ba...

Hope Faley

I'm Hope this is my first year on the Surveyor team, I am a sophomore and new to Washington, and I am obsessed with cats, I have four, and rescued two of them when they were two weeks old.

Kaden Fields

Hi, my name is Kaden, I'm the Chief Photographer and Multimedia editor for The Surveyor. My interests include music, writing, and being cool. Just kidding I'm not cool. Anyway, I hope to provide entertaining and informative content...

Grace McKinstry

I am Grace McKinstry, the A&E editor for the Surveyor. I thoroughly enjoy petting my four cats and digging into some sushi on my days off.

Jaydin McMickle

Hi Y'all, I'm Jaydin! I am a Senior and it's my first year in Surveyor!! In my free time I do shows at TCR and that's it. I like dogs, sushi, and music. :)

Matthew Gearhart

My name is Matthew, i'm the Opinions editor on the Surveyor team. I'm a guitarist and enjoy classic rock, and making music. I like to write, and run XC. ...

Sophie Lindwall

Hey friends! I'm Sophie and I'm profiles editor. I'm a sophomore and this is my 2nd year on Surveyor woot woot!! I enjoy eating cold quesadillas!

Paris McNutt

Hey, I'm Paris McNutt and I'm a junior. I am editor-in-chief. While I'm not busy writing, I cheer and help out in Student Senate.

Jessie Koozer

Hello! I'm Jessie, I'm a junior and a staff reporter, and this is my second year writing for The Surveyor. Aside from Surveyor I keep myself busy with show choir, madrigals, speech, Interact, and Take Charge. In my free time I...

Bryan Ennis

My name is Bryan Ennis and I'm going to be a senior at Wash this year. I will be the business manager in the Surveyor. I'm on the Washington varsity cross country team, captain and founder of the Washington table tennis team,...

Jaxon Brems

I am a staff reporter.

Miguel Jacobo

I’m Miguel, a 2nd year Surveyor Reporter and Web Master. I'm a technician for the school plays and musicals, a soccer player, and I participate in our school's Speech Team. 

Abby Throndson

I’m in the varsity show choir Momentum, the drama club and speech team, and the Women’s Swim team. Last year, I was named one of the Top Ten Emerging Journalists in the state of Iowa. I write some stories for the Surveyor....

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