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2013-2014 Staff

Betsy Smith

Name: Betsy Smith Grade: 11th Position: Web Editor In addition to working on the Surveyor staff, I'm head of costumes for the Wash drama department.

Brandon Cullen

Name: Brandon Cullen Grade: 11th Position: Sports editor and staff photographer I like to watch movies and eat popcorn, I dislike having to wake up at 6:00 in the morning. I bowl and I play baseball. I plan on going into law...

Courtney Squires

Courtney Squires News Editor Grade: 12 School involvement: senior class president, Adastra, student senate, Momentum, basketball, soccer, FCA, interact Likes: Netflix, sleeping, Friday night football, TAYLOR SWIFT...

Nicole Rizer

Nicole Rizer Position: Photo Editor Grade: 12 I love to read, go to concert, and take pictures. I'm also on the swim team and am currently unemployed. I've lived all over the place because of my dad's job and so I really love...

Alexis Soukup

Name: Alexis Soukup Grade: 10 Staff: Writer Brief Summary: I play the clarinet for Wind Symphony and the saxophone for marching band. I hate milk but I love coffee. I hope to be a cardio thoracic surgeon and minor in history...

Anna Rizer

  Name: Anna Elizabeth Rizer   Position: Opinions Editor   Grade: 12th   I've been involved with Surveyor ever since I was a freshman and it's improved my abilities as a writer. My favorite...

Emily LaGrange

Emily LaGrange Grade: 11 Position on Staff: News Editor    

Matthew Andersland

Name:Matthew Andersland Grade:10 Position on Staff: Staff Writer I am a sophomore at Wash during my second year of being on staff for Surveyor. I enjoy soccer and playing the drums outside of school, and am trying golf during ...

Lucy Dent

Grade: 9th grade Position: reporter Number of years on the staff: 1st year on Other activities: show choir and speech Future Plans: to attend a 4 year college to become a dentist ...

Emily LaGrange

Grade: 9 Position: Staff Writer First year on Surveyor Staff Other Activities: track, dance, cross country, homework all day, looking at my dog Future Plans: Go to college and med school and become a doctor

Courtney Squires

Junior Staff writer 1 year on staff basketball, soccer, show choir, FCA Courtney hopes to attend a 4 year college and then go on to medical school.  

Emma Cooper

Position: Staff Writer Grade: 9 First year on Surveyor Future plans: Go to college to study to become a veterinarian. Other Activities: Cheer, tennis, and playing with my dogs all day everyday.


Grade: 12 Position: Writer # of years on staff: 1 Other activities: in a screamo band and in wlp (Washington literary press

Anji Misra

Anji Misra is in her second year of writing for The Surveyor online. She is also involved with orchestra and mock trial at Wash, participates in club gymnastics, and volunteers at St. Luke's Hospital.

Kyle Phillips

Kyle Phillips is the adviser of The Surveyor,, and The Monument yearbook. He also teachers intro to media and LA 9 at Washington High School. Phillips enjoys photography, Netflix, and his dog, Ella. "The D...

Cameron Williams

This is Cameron's first year in the Surveyor. Aside from the Surveyor she is the president of Gay Straight Alliance.

Eric Loeffelholz

Grade: Senior Years on Surveyor: 2 Other activities: Baseball Future plans: College

Elijah Wolter

Grade: 12 Position: Staff Writer Number of Years on Staff: 1 Other Activities: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Speech, Theater, Improv, Twitter, Knife Work, Bird Training, Lizardherding Future Plans: Double Major in Jazz Studies in ...

Ian Schweiger

Ian Schweiger is a 3 year member of the Surveyor. This is all that you really need to know about him. If you would like more about him, contact the Tom Riley Law Firm.

Michael Andersland

  Name: Michael Andersland Grade: Twelfth Position: Editor of the News Section of the Washington High School Surveyor Number of Years On the Staff: Three Other Acitivties: Cross Country, Track, Math Team, Fran...

Mikayla Frye

Mikayla Frye is in her first year of writing for the Surveyor.  She participates in cross country in the fall and track and field in the spring.  Along with writing for the Surveyor, she is president of a school-wide club called...

Brandon Cullen

Name, Brandon Cullen  Grade, 9th Position, Staff Reporter and Staff Photographer Years on staff, 1st year on staff  

Hannah Jonasson

grade: 12 position: managing editor/ photo editor number of years on staff: 4 other activities: none, I live and breathe journalism future plans: get held back as many times as possible so I can continue to be on The...

Bridget Williams

Grade: F GPA: 1.09 College: Harvard # of years: Today is my first day! Position : Doing whatever MJ does Other Activities: I am totally dedicated to Surveyor, I do nothing else        

MJ Kamin

Grade: 12 Position: Editor-In-Chief # of years on staff: 4 Other Activities: Golf, Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country Future Plans: Attending Iowa State University to play golf and major in engineering...

Andi Lawrence

Andi Lawrence Grade: 12    2nd year as a Surveyor Editor Bio: I love babies, puppies, and taking vacations. I plan to go to a 4 year college- maybe somewhere warm?! My other activities including: working at the 'ole DQ,...

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