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Run for the Heart

For the second year in a row, Washington High School held a 5K run/walk to benefit those in need. Last year, money raised from the event was used to build water wells in Africa for those who didn’t have access to clean water. This year, the event is dedicated to Washington High School Economics teacher Dr. Francis McMann.

Money raised from the event will go to those who need organ transplants. “I’m a little overwhelmed.” said Dr. McMann. “I had no idea of this (event) or even heard of the event.”

The race is being organized by Nicole Baty, ‘12, and Laura Vestle, ‘12. They considered raising money for needs in Africa, but decided to raise money for a regional cause. “Originally, we were going to have the run for water wells again this year, but people weren’t as excited.” said Vestle.

They decided to honor Dr. McMann who has been a dedicated Washington faculty member, despite suffering health problems of his own. “At the time, McMann had to go to Mayo (Clinic), so it was Nicole Baty’s idea to have the run in honor of McMann.” said Vestle.

Vestle praised McMann for his passion for teaching and his devotion to his students. “(Dr. McMann) is knowledgeable and deserves so much praise.”

Vestle added that numerous alumni were planning to participate in the event, as well as visit with Dr. McMann.
The event is was held at 8:00 a.m.on Sunday, May 20 at the parking lot at 8th Avenue and 1st Street in downtown Cedar Rapids. Dr. McMann attended the event and walked the entire course.

Ian Schweiger, News section

State Track 2012 Results

Men – Ranked 4th Overall with 39 points

3200 Meter Run– Etienne Nzoyisaba ‘11
9th place- time: 9:41.12

4×800 Meter Relay– Robert Hogg ’12, Joe Berry ’11, Trevor Luebe ’11, Etienne Nzoyisaba ‘11
10th place- time: 8:11.35

400 Meter Dash– Nicolas Corbett ‘11
2nd place- time: 49.43- 8 points

400 Meter Hurdles– Drake Hickok ‘12
3rd place- time: 54.23- 6 points

4×200 Meter Relay– Mitch Bredeson ’11, Braedon Tovey ’12, Will Griffin ’12, Nicolas Corbett ‘11
4th place- time: 1:29.46- 5 points

Distance Medley Relay– Mitch Bredeson ’11, Will Griffin ’12, Nicolas Corbett ’11, Robert Hogg ‘12
3rd place- time: 3:31.80- 6 points

800 Meter Run– Robert Hogg ‘12
8th place- time: 1:57.09- 1 point

100 Meter Dash– Will Griffin
4th place- time: 11.52- 5 points

1600 Meter Run– Etienne Nzoyisaba ‘11
8th place- time: 4:25.89- 1 point

4×100 Meter Relay– Mitch Bredeson ’11, Will Griffin ’12, Braedon Tovey ’12, Joseph McBride ‘11
5th place- time: 43.20- 4 points

4×400 Meter Relay– Drake Hickok ’12, Trevor Luebe ’11, Robert Hogg ’12, Nicolas Corbett ‘11
6th place- time: 3:22.53- 3 points

Women- Ranked 17th overall with 15 points

Shot Put– Jazz Royster ‘12
11th place- throw: 10.66 meters

Long Jump– Callie Stone ‘12
8th place- jump: 5.26 meters- 1 point

3000 Meter Run– Shannon Gorman ‘10
5th place- time: 10:27.76- 4 points

Distance Medley Relay– Brooke Foreman ’12, Jasmyne Jones ’10, Taylor Vogel ’12, Shannon Gorman ‘10
8th place- time: 4:11.83- 1 point

400 Meter Hurdles– Brooke Foreman ‘12
5th place- time: 1:06.02- 4 points

100 Meter Hurdles– Brooke Foreman ‘12
5th place- time: 15.66- 4 points

1500 Meter Run– Shannon Gorman ‘10
8th place- time: 4:53.37- 1 point

Brooke Foreman, ’12, competes at the state track meet in Des Moines, IA. Foreman took fifth place in the 400 and 100 meter hurdles.

Results and photo by Jessica Erb


Crump Squad wins hearts
With the football season hurriedly approaching to a close, there have been several moments that have stood out. The game where water was spewing everywhere, breaking records by beating Iowa City West, and the dance team’s first performance were all highlights. The most memorable moment of the year, for some, happened Oct. 20, 2011 during the Crump Squad’s interlude.

As normal, they came out and amazed the student section with their talent, but no one was ready for the shock of seeing Jon Paramore, ’12 and Josiah Javier, ’12 dance.

“I love when they dance with the crump squad. It gets people even more excited,” said Jennifer Vestle, ’12

It all started two years ago when Paramore asked Jack Kohn, ’10, if he could join the Crump Squad.

“He wouldn’t let me play trumpet, so I said: ‘Alright, I’ll go out and dance’ and he said: ‘No you won’t’. I said: ‘Yeah I will’ and it just kind of became tradition. But since I can’t really dance, we added Jojo [Javier].Thought it’d help to have someone who can dance pretty well”, said Paramore.
The duo didn’t even practice their routine.

“All we thought of was the timing,” said Paramore.

“Yeah, its kind of improv,” added Javier.

That wasn’t evident to the crowd who went wild over their intense moves.

“It was totally awesome to get a big response when I started dancing, then a bigger one when Jojo started dancing and then an even bigger response when we both started dancing,” said Paramore.

“It was definitely motivating,” said Javier.

The crowd loved Javier’s style.

“He didn’t pause for a moment, he just did it, and it seemed like it came to his mind so fast! He’s so talented because he doesn’t need to think, he just does,” said Paige Gantner, ’15.

When asked if he was jealous of Javier’s loud response from the fans Paramore responded: “No, I knew it was going to happen. I didn’t really mind.”

“He got Homecoming King,” joked Javier.

Javier and Paramore couldn’t have been any more gracious to the crowd or their fellow Crump Squad members.
“We should really recognize Will [Roberts, ’12,] he arranged all the music,” said Paramore.

“Definitely, they’re awesome,” added Javier.

While the football season maybe over, Warriors can expect to see the Crump Squad and this dancing duo at the upcoming basketball games. Get ready to cheer on the two spectacular Warriors.

Check out the video below for the boys’ performance!

Katharine Goodwin, Business Manager


Washington places third at Drake
Three weeks until the Warrior Men’s Track Team arrives at Drak Stadium in Des Moines for the 29011 Iowa high school state meet, another gruestome battle with some of Iowa’s most talented track teams. They’re hoping to come back again with the state trophy and banner for the third consecutive year. This weekend, the Warriors were at Drake, but the stakes weren’t as high.

On Saturday, April 30, the Warriors took third place in the overall team standings at the Drake Relays, falling behind Cedar Falls and West Des Moines Valley. According to Alex Carr ’11, a sprinter on the team, the meet was a success. “We knew that if we ran like we should, and that ifwe hit all of our exchanges, we would be right there. I feel like we were,” Carr said.

The 400-meter relay and 100-meter dash were the events where the Warriors earned most of their points. The relay team, consisting of cousins Alex and Alonzo ’13 Carr, Will Griffin ’12, and Kristopher Gardner ’11, had a time of 42.39 seconds, according to the Drake Relays website. Alex and Will also placed second and third in the 100-meter dash with almost identical times.

Another impressive performer for the Warriors was Rob Hogg ’12. The talented long distance runner placed seventh in the 800-meter run with a time of 1 minute 58.38 seconds. Hogg also finished third place in the long jump with a distance of 6.45 meters.

The high school meet began early Friday and ended late Saturday with tight competition. James Harrington of Cedar Falls practically led his team to victory himself. He ran, and won, four races.

The West Des Moines Valley team also has many talented athlets, and will be dangerous at the state meet.

According to the Washington website the men’s track team has two small meets at Kingston Stadium and a meet against Linn-Mar before the regional meet on May 12.

Memebers of the team believe they can make Wash history with a three-peat. According to Nick Corbett ’13, a mid-distance runner, the goal is in reach. “If we push our guys and figure a few things out , then yeah, we can win again this year.”

The Drake Relays was not a do or die meet for the Wash track team, nor was it a meet they desired to lose. It helped them prepare mentally for the state contest. It also revealed the caliber of athletes they can expect to see when they return to Drake.

In the two previous years Wash has not come out on top at the Drake Relays, however, the team returned three weeks later and won state titles.

Peter Holmes, Journalism student

Wash wrestlers cut weight
Wrestling is not only physically challenging, but also mentally challenging. The commitment wrestlers devote to the sport begins before the season begins. Cutting weight is demanding and a full time process. The wrestlers cut weight to meet certain requirements for weight classes at meets throughout the season.
Weston Burdt,’14, a member of the Warrior wrestling team has lost four of the five pounds he needs to lose. He drinks fluids constantly throughout the day and watched what he eats very closely. Burdt began cutting weight as soon as Thanksgiving break began.

“I eat a fist full of food per meal. I mainly eat bread, and very little meat and fish,” said Burdt.
Trey Schuler,’14, another member of the Warrior wrestling team has cut nine of the twelve pounds he is hoping to lose. Because he has more weight to lose, his weight loss process is more demanding. Schuler’s daily menu includes eggs for breakfast, an apple for lunch, and lean mean with chocolate milk for dinner. The average amount of food he consumes each day totals to less than a pound.
“For Thanksgiving, I ate vegetables and lean meat, then immediately ran eight miles to work it off,” said Schuler.
These two, along with the rest of the Washington wrestling team are passionately devoted to the wrestling team and the many different aspects the sport requires.

Natalie Neppl, Sports Section Writer

Cross country runners end with a good finish
Warrior runners had a strong presence at the Regional Cross Country meet today at Noelridge Park. Both Warrior teams qualified for the State Meet . The women’s team took third behind Iowa City West and Linn-Mar. Kristin Rodgers, ’11 and Shannon Gorman ’14 both finished in the top ten in the girls race.

The men’s team finished second to a strong performance by Prairie High School. The men attribute much of their success to their constant hard work. “The team looks really strong this year, our progress is almost unprecedented and we’re all really psyched to see where this goes,” said Grant Gregory ’12.

The State Meet is Oct. 30 in Fort Dodge and both teams are hoping to continue their successful seasons as strong competitors amongst the fastest runners in the state.

Lauren Sines, Editor-in-chief

Warriors take on the Linn-Mar Lions
The Warrior football team lost a close game to Linn-Mar in tonight’s overtime game. After back and forth scoring, the Warriors blocked the Lion’s final PAT forcing the game into overtime at 35-35. The Lions took advantage of the overtime and scored on the second down. The Warriors got the ball second and attempted a touchdown as well. Alex Carr ’11′s touchdown attempt was ruled a fumble and the Lions took their Homecoming victory. The game was a part of Wash’s second annual “Pink Week” raising money for Breast Cancer Research. The Warriors overall raised about $1,700 and the Lions who jumped on board for the fundraiser gathered about $1,800.

Lauren Sines, Editor-in-chief

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