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Snitker Aims to Soar in the Future

When it comes to Warrior athletics, make sure to keep an eye out for Reid Snitker, ’15. Snitker will be future quarterback and shooting guard for Washington High School’s Varsity football and basketball teams.

Snitker believes his best qualities are his smile and his athleticism. “[I’m] fun, outgoing, and easy to talk to,” added Snitker.

His high school goals include getting a scholarship for college, whether it be for his athletics or education.

He is currently looking for a girl who is pretty, nice, outgoing, easy to talk to, and would go on a dream date with him, a walk on the beach. However, Snitker would prefer to go on this date with his celebrity crush, Jennifer Lopez.

Food: Steak
Hobby: Sports
Color: Blue
Band: Maroon 5
Class: Science
Athlete: Dwayne Wade
Season: Fall
Actor: Adam Sandler

MJ Kamin, Profiles section


David Rosenthal: Washington’s Own Entrepreneur

David Rosenthal ’13 has finally found a use for all his class notes on his new hit website. What started off as merely a site featuring his United States history notes, expanded after he realized how much money he could pull in, $26 over the first three weeks, according to David. He then added his world history notes as well as an United States humanities section. With “around 100 hits a day, a lot more around finals” David expects traffic to pick up even more when it gets closer to the AP tests.

His simple website quickly came onto the radar of AP United States history and AP European history at Washington, Mr. Scherrman, who believed it to be a direct violation of the schools academic honesty policy. To combat this, David added Wash’s academic honesty policy to each site, and forces you to agree to it before using any of the notes. Quite proud of this addition David said, “if you cheat, I’m not in trouble. I have impunity.”

The high rate of income from his site is mostly due to a large cost per click (CPC) that Google Adsense has awarded his adds. Not only is he paid for every visit to his website, but also every time anyone clicks on his adds he is payed on average half a dollar. Most of the money he earns will be invested back into the website- including purchasing his own domain name which he thinks will drive up traffic slowly over time. But don’t get your hopes up too high about sharing a slice of his money he “doesn’t plan on hiring any employees”.

Grant Kamin, Opinions Editor


Mike Eken – A Hair Above the Rest
If Mike Pike Eken was in a crowd of 200 people, he wouldn’t be hard to find. There is an acute aspect that gives him away- his hair.

It’s big, fluffy, curly, and orange, much like an afro from the seventies. It nearly covers his eyes and droops down past his shoulders after showering. To keep his luscious hair clean, Eken only uses Pantene Pro-V shampoo.

Ever since the fourth grade Eken has never had his hair cut, a streak that he is extremely proud of. “My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Wyatt, made a bet with me,” said Eken. “I showed him.”

According to Eken, the one thing he would change about his hair would be consistent curls. He dislikes how straight his hair is towards the bottom of his head.

With the mass of Eken’s hair, one would think items would be easily lost in the curls. According to Eken nothing ever disappears. If something was stuck he would feel it in his curls. His close friend, Michael Parks, also a freshman at Wash, disagrees. “I once put a pencil in Mike’s hair and never got it back.” said Parks.

One of the few individuals who has the same hair style as Mike lives in his house. Mike’s brother, Joe Eken ’11, has identical curly, orange hair. According to Joe, he was the one who invented the style. “Mike will tell you tell you that was his idea, but really it was mine.”

The activities Mike enjoys include soccer, hockey and watching TV. None of which are slowed down or affected by the hair. According to Mike, his speed on the ice and soccer field would be the same with or without the hair. He will admit he occasionally has to push up his long, curly hair away from his eyes in order to watch his favorite celebrity, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on “The Jersey Shore” and other TV shows.

to keep his hair orange Mike eats a normal 15-year-old diet. Shaped mac n’ cheese, gummy worms, and cheese pizza are his favorite types of food.

According to most Wash students, Mike and his brother Joe are famous for the big, poofy, orange hair. Someday Mike wants to distinguish himself and is willing to never cut his hair again in order to have longer hair than his brother. The competition may never end. “[Joe] will never win, my hair is better,” Mike said.

Peter Holmes, Journalism student


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