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Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week

October 15, 2013

Senior Videos

May 23, 2013

10 Fun Things To Do Over Break

December 18, 2012

1. Read a book or two. 2. Get chocolate wasted. 3. Take a bubble bath. 4. Snapchat m_mz 24/7. 5. Go stargazing. 6. Go people watching at Westdale Mall. 7. Eat at Sushi House after people watching. 8. Drink Eggnog. 9. ...

Chick-fil-A Behind the Scenes

December 14, 2012

Q: What was your first job? Bob Schmidt: In High School I worked as a lifeguard at Lake Michigan Q: How long have you been with Chick-fil-A Schmidt: 29 years Q: When did you get your first franchise and how long did it take?...

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