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First Year Success for Washapalooza

A unique orchestra fundraiser was held for the first time this year at Washington: Washapalooza.

Washapalooza was a concert held by orchestra members during April in order to raise money for future orchestra events, including an upcoming trip to Ireland, as well as to create a stronger sense of community among the members of the orchestra along with the rest of the school and parents. It was organized primarily by Anna Wolle, ’14, Anji Misra, ’14, and Amira Nash, ’13.

Despite this being the first year the concert was held there were still a wide variety of performers there including many students from Wash’s orchestra such as a chamber orchestra, a string quartet, and several soloists. Krump Squad also performed, as did the band Summertown and the Amen Choir. There was even an appearance by Santhi, a local rapper.

Kai Vorhies, ’15, is a member of the orchestra and attended Washapalooza. “My favorite part was probably the student bands,” said Vorhies. Weston Burdt, ’14, also attended the concert. “[My favorite part was] when the band Summertown played,” said Burdt. According to Wolle, the best part of the concert was just seeing the joy brought to everyone by music, both the performers on stage as well as the audience.

Washapalooza was definitely a success this year and the organizers hope to make it an annual event in the future. “Music is meaningful to everyone and I think we all experienced that at Washapalooza,” said Wolle.

Micheal Andersland, News section


Mansions on the Moon in Iowa City

Washington High School graduate Ted Wendler is now the lead singer/guitar player in the new and upcoming band Mansions On The Moon. The band is currently on tour and made a special stop in Iowa City where they held a concert which many friends, family members, and genuine fans came to watch the talented group. The band has made many accomplishments with big time music productions and has already gotten their name up to the top, a place where I believe they will stay. So to all my fellow Washington students; dream big, keep working, hold up your warrior nation, and enjoy the video!




Kitty McGurk, A&E Editor


Jazz Also Performance

Jazz Also, Washington High School’s Junior Varsity jazz band performed Tuesday, March 13th at the Spring Assembly. Solo by Shawn Fliger.

Video by Shanay Gonder


Japanese Foreign Exchange Students Perform

The Japanese foreign exchange students presented a traditional dance to the Washington school body at the Spring Assembly, Tuesday, March 13th.

Video by Shanay Gonder


Best of Lupe
That is name of arguably the worst song on Lupe Fiasco’s new mixtape “Friend of the People”. By worst on the mixtape, I also mean one of Lupe’s best songs yet. The entire mixtape is filled with classic Lupe inspirational lyrics and featuring some classic rap as well as an interesting new fusion of dupstep and rap.

Lupe has taken an different approach to music, letting the money he makes off of his forced studio albums featuring label chosen artists to fund a mixtape every other year allowing him to expand his creative horizons. It feels as if everything everything that Atlantic Records told Lupe absolutely no, he has attempted to include in “Friend of the People”; The unexplained black cover featuring the word  “Jesus”, the pieces featuring Bassnecter and Justice among others, as well as a hyper modern message especially relating to the occupy movement. This is the real Lupe, and and I’m glad we can finally see it shining down. If you just picked up on Lupe with “Lasers” you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

It is highly unlikely that we will ever see another album like “Food and liquor”, but Lupe has taken his music in the right direction. This mixtape is a must listen for this year, and luckily you can get it for free (and legally) : here. Just make sure to listen to it at least five times so you can pick up on half of the intellectual lyrics, not that you’ll need this advice to create the motivation to keep it on repeat for the next week.

Grant Kamin, Opinions Editor

Holiday Plans!
Forget some one on your list? Here are some quick, easy, homemade gifts.

Decorated Picture Frame.

Supplies: Picture frame, old magazines, sissors, super glue.

Time: 2-3 hours

Ideal for: good friends or family

1. Go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and buy a cheap, flat surfaced picture frame. Any size will do.
2. Cut out long strips of paper from old magazines. You will roll these up, so choose a size that will look good on your frame. Make sure each strip is a similar size. Cut out various colors and print.
3. Take one strip and apply glue to the side you don’t want to show on the picture frame.
4. Roll it to get a tight,short roll.
5. Hot glue this roll to your picture frame.
6. Continue steps 3-5 until your entire frame is covered. Makesure to roll strips tight and glue securely and closely on the frame.
7. Add a picture and you’ve got one more thing checked off your list!

Button Bracelet

Supplies: thin elastic, sissors, buttons.

Time: 15 minutes-1 hour

Ideal for: young girls or those who like unique jewlery

1. Find cheap and cute buttons. Good places to look are Goodwill, Salvation Army, Joann’s fabric, or Michael’s.
2. Cut a length of elastic to fit around your reciever’s wrist, add a little extra romm to tie the ends together, but because you’re using elastic, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
3. Tie a knot at one end of the elastic.
4. Come up with a cute pattern on buttons that you’d like to show on the bracelet.
5. Weave the elastic throw the eyes of the buttons. It works best if you with the first button you weave through the top, the second from the bottom and so on alternating.
6. When you’ve finished your pattern, tie the ends of the elastic together to make a bracelet.
7. You’ve now got a really unique bracelt to give!

Fleece Blanket

Supplies: 2 identical size fleece sheets, sissors, pins

Time: 1 hour

Ideal for: a baby or those who are always chilly

1. Go to Joann’s or Michael’s and buy 2 pieces of fleece that are the same size (however big you’d like to make the blanket.) Mix it up with two fun patterns or a crazy pattern on one side and a solid color on the other.
2. You’ll need plenty of room so find a place where you comforably lay out the fleece pieces.
3. Line them up with one on top of the other.
4. Pin the corners together so they don’t come apart while you’re making your blanket.
5. Go around the edge of the blank cutting 1.5 inches deep cuts that are about an inch or so apart.
6. When you’ve gone all the way around the blanket, go back and tie the two peices together.
7. You’ll end up with a super cute knotted blanket.

Katharine Goodwin, Business Manager

Fashion Focus: Uggs Out. Rider Boots in.
Uggs boots have been the boots of the season for the last several years. But this year the streets of New York, the fashion capital of the USA, are seeing less Uggs and more rider boots. Rider boots styled after those used for horse back riding are usually made from leather (or faux leather) and go above or just below the knee. Commonly worn with jeans, rider boots give a fresh look to winter’s fashion.

Katharine Goodwin, Business Manager

Duct tape man works the hallways of WHS

Daniel Eckler, has a proclaimed talent: making things out of duct tape. It all started with a few small creations such as his paper flower, paper claws, and other various figurines. Eventually, he decided he wanted to play around with figurines: things with more substance and structure, which ultimately lead to his duct tape fetish. In time, he realized that the duct tape art was his own art form. This is when he started making trips to hardware stores to stock up his inventory. As the art’s popularity grew, his friends began buying him duct tape in return for the items that he would make them.

“It’s really just enjoyable,” said Eckler ’13.

For Eckler, the small figurines and full arm claw that he created weren’t enough; after a dare by one of his friends, the plans to make a trench coat completely made out of duct tape arose. After just two weeks, the coat was complete and Daniel was pleased. With hopes of showing off his new item, he wore the trench coat to school equipped with the two claws to compliment the outfit. The students loved it. Many talked about it, there were countless tweets about him, and many people took pictures on their phones. Daniel, was famously now known as “Duct Tape Man.” It is creativity and uniqueness such as this that makes Washington High School what it is. So we thank you, Daniel, for reaching your goals and going outside of the box.

Kitty McGurk, A&E Editor


Noodles and Company stands on it’s own with some stiff competition

Last week the popular chain restaurant Noodles and Company opened its new Cedar Rapids location. A week before its official opening, the restaurant offered a free dinning service in order to train its new employees.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to give it a try and so I headed there on a Monday night with high hopes. When I first arrived, I was immediately impressed by the cool and modern style of the restaurant. Rather then having to wait for a server, you conveniently order your food right away. The menu is pretty basic, and is organized into three different categories including American, Asian, and Mediterranean style dishes. There are tons of different options that range from the classic Mac and Cheese, to something a little different like the Bangkok Curry.

Once you order your meal you can watch as they prepare it fresh in an open style kitchen. They bring the food out in a matter of minutes. I decided to have the Penne Rosa and it was amazing! Noodles and Company brings a unique take to the typical dining experience by serving “fresh food fast.” They provide a quick and reasonably priced meal without having to make a stop at a drive thru window. Although surrounded by competition including Biaggis and Olive Garden, the restaurant is bound to draw in the lunch crowd from the near by Rockwell Collins, as well as teens looking for something good to eat that is still in their price range. I would definitely recommend giving Noodles and Company a try. It is the perfect stop for fast dining that is still delicious!

Emily Wicke, Managing Editor


Thanksgiving Recipe: Caramel Apples!
This recipe was suggested by Mrs. Stekl, Washington’s Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher. Found in the 2011 edition of HyVee Seasons Fall Magazine, it is a great treat to make with friends and family over the Thanksgiving holidays.

1.Wash apples and remove stems.
2.Wrap each apple in two sheets of caramel wrap, one wrap over the bottom and the other over the top of the apple, overlapping in the middle.
3.Heat the apples to set the caramel according to package instructions. Insert a stick into the core of each apple.
4.Melt chocolate chips, OR white chocolate, OR butterscotch, OR semisweet chocolate chips, etc. in the microwave in 15-second intervals on high (careful not to scorch).
5.Dip each apple about halfway.
6.While the chocolate (or other flavor) is still soft, roll the apples in a variety of toppings or sprinkle the toppings on. Have these ready beforehand. Ingredients can consist of pecans, chocolate chips, crushed Heath bars, marshmallows, walnuts, etc.
7.Place the apples on a pan and refrigerate to set the chocolate. Once the chocolate has set, drizzle more chocolate over the toppings.

Amy Parker, Photographer

Starbucks frappuccinos well worth the extra calories
Starbucks Coffee Company said Aloha last week as they introduced the mocha coconut and coconut creme frappuccinos. These delicious drinks were first served during the summer of 2002, and were recently brought back due to the wishes of many customers. There is no wonder why so many were longing for Starbucks to serve these treats again, as anyone who tasted this spectacular treat knows.

The mocha coconut and creme frappuccinos are the highlight of Starbucks stores in Hawaii according to They were created specifically as an island specialty, and the drinks are always available there, being permanent items on the Hawaii menus. The drinks will be available at locations in other states only temporarily for the summer of 2011.

The spectacular treat is a joy to all. The drinks contain the perfect mixture of chewy toasted coconut bits, smooth and sweet chocolate and a refreshing icy crunch. Topped with fluffy whipped cream, chocolate syrup and toasted coconut bits, it could not be better. The newest drink comes in either coffee mocha coconut or cream mocha coconut and are made to one’s specific preferences.

According to the tall size frappuccino, which is 12 ounces, has 320 calories and 12 grams of fat when made with whole milk and including the whipped cream and toppings. It isn’t extremely healthy, but this is one treat that is worth the splurge.

As with all of Starbucks frappuccinos, the drinks are made according to your preferences. There is the choice of cream base coconut creme frappuccino, or the coffee based coconut mocha frappuccino. Also, there is the choice of how much coffee, which kind of milk, and what toppings and ordering the regular or light version. Depending on these choices, the nutritional information changes in the drink.

Starbucks is celebrating their latest drinks with “happy hour” everyday from 3 to 5 p.m. local time. The happy hour will continue from May 6 through May 15. It will feature half-price frappuccinos. Considering the drink’s popularity it will be a hit.

With the newest mocha coconut and mocha creme frappuccinos available all summer at Starbucks there is no doubt this drink will be a summer favorite. It is the perfect island-treat to cool anyone off on a hot day. Between the sweet chocolate, chewy toasted coconut and creme or caffeine boost this drink is the ideal mixture of an icy crunk sure to make anyone’s day.

Meryl Hebets, Journalism student

Stop “Waiting for Superman”
I always thought that because I live in America that I was getting a great education. I thought that America had the best schools and best teachers in the world. My thoughts changed when I watched the movie “Waiting for ‘Superman’.” This documentary directed by David Guggenheim follows four American families as they struggle through the issues found within the public school system in America.

Throughout “Waiting for ‘Superman’” Guggenheim claims that our public education system is failing America’s children. He presents facts that show America’s test scores falling far behind other countries in areas like science and math. He claims that students are not reaching their full potential due to poor teachers. “Waiting for ‘Superman’” follows Bianca, Emily, Anthony, Daisy, and Francisco: real American students who are desperately trying to escape the public education system in order to create more promising futures for themselves. Guggenheim recognizes that Superman isn’t going to come along and rescue America’s public education system and if we want to see change we must stop waiting.

“Waiting for ‘Superman’” opened my eyes to the problems associated with public schools. It presented facts in an interesting way and the stories of real American families helped me connect to the issue. The facts and statistics in the film made me want to try harder in school because I now know American schools don’t compete with those of other countries and therefore I must try harder to succeed. “Waiting for ‘Superman’” is a must see film for any student or teacher because it brings to the forefront the problems that they may not know exist, but that they face everyday.

Lauren Johnson, Photographer

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