Outdated impossible beauty standards

Outdated impossible beauty standards

Finley Eggleston, Chief Photographer

 Since Ancient Egypt, beauty standards have existed. Standards have evolved and changed a significant amount throughout history. These standards vary from body shape and size to hair color and face shape. As we become more progressive and accepting of everyone, the standards are still seen and applied daily. We claim we’ve come so far, yet society uses unrealistic beauty standards to cover up natural beauty.

  It is sometimes impossible to tell if a filter or Facetune apart from a natural photo, or how much a photo is edited on social media. This happens in all ages, from teen girls covering natural blemishes making their butts bigger to look like a Kardashian. Even elders use multiple filters to hide wrinkles which are expected and beautiful at that age. Rita Browning states,”I’m scrolling through Facebook, and I don’t even recognize some of my friends because of how many filters they use.” No matter what age, we were really not entirely comfortable with ourselves. Or at least how we show ourselves to the public in fear of being judged. 

Even those who we should be influenced by on social media, known as influencers, aren’t always transparent about what’s natural and not. It’s as simple as pressing the enhance button before publishing a TikTok to smoothen your face. That little button can cause repercussions, though, from someone who is starting to get acne but never sees it on others online because it is so easy to make a post and remove all your acne. And another influencer with the skinniest waist, but we don’t know what’s real and fake. With all the technology we have today, you can make yourself look completely different.

This can affect more than just personal confidence. It can have repercussions to more permanent changes. The plastic surgery rate has grown from 1.5 billion in 1997 to 5.5 million in 2020, according to Statista. Shaming plastic surgery is awful, but promoting it can be even more harmful. The most popular types of surgery range from more minor procedures such as botox and lip injections. To extensive surgeries such as breast implantations and nose jobs. Ruby Kane*, a person in their 20s, shares, ” at a very young age, I had a severe surgery altering my physical appearance; since then I have had it undone which has helped my mental and physical health.”

It’s almost like beauty doesn’t exist unless you have every single feature perfect down to a tee. We put so much pressure on presenting ourselves a certain way that it becomes impossible and unhealthy. We need to entirely reset our mindset in an accepting healthy way regarding beauty.