Encanto Review

Encanto Review

Savannah Andrews, Editor Chief

The highly anticipated Disney animated film, “Encanto”, was released on November 24, 2021 The family-friendly musical is around two hours long, rated PG and was recently available to stream December 24th, 2021 on Disney Plus. This film was directed by Bryon Howard and Jared Bush, along with many others who were part of the production.Including Lin-Manuel Miranda who is well known for creating Broadway musicals like Hamilton, In The Heights, and now the soundtrack for Encanto.


The movie is about the Family Madrigal who all have magical gifts (other than Mirabel ‘Stephanie Beatriz’ who struggles with feeling left out because of this) and they live in a house that is a part of that gift, acting like it is alive by helping the family with little things like putting their shoes on in the morning, and creating stairs for the family to move throughout the house, this gives us a the watcher a feeling that this house is art of their family. Abuela was the first to receive the gift of the candle, and is in charge of their whole family. A good majority of the film takes place during Antonio’s gifting ceremony, because of Mirabel not receiving any gift there is doubt that the gift still lives on, but him getting his gift extinguishes any of that doubt. After Antonio gets his gift, Mirabel discovers that the house is breaking, and the magic is fading. Mirabel goes in search of how to save the miracle, to save it and her family.


Encantos songs will get stuck in your head for a long time, they all have been very popular and listened to outside of the film. The film opens with the song ‘The Family Madrigal,’ Which introduces the family and the gifts each of them possesses. This helps us to figure out all the characters in the beginning in an easy and effective way. All three sisters have their own solo songs starting off with ‘Waiting on a miracle,’ sung by Mirabel. She tells the audience in this song that she feels alone, and she wants to feel like she fits in with her family, just wanting a chance to prove herself to them that she does in fact belong. The next one is ‘Surface Pressure,’ sung by Luisa, she sings to her sister about all the stress and weight that she has to carry, because she is supposed to be the strong one in the family, she carries all these burdens, but she is not allowed to show them on the outside, so she is slowly breaking on the inside. And finally ‘What else can I do?’ sung by Isabela, during this song she is discovering what else she can do, other than just creating beautiful, perfect flowers, she realizes she doesn’t have to just do that, so she starts to create other things that are not as perfect. 


The most popular song rising all the way up to number one on the billboard charts, ‘We don’t talk about Bruno,’ the family tells Mirabel about her missing uncle, and the futures that he read. ‘All of you,’ it was a perfect song to end with, bringing the family together and ending on the perfect Disney happy ending. All visuals with these songs go very well with what they are trying to tell in the story to the audience.


A big part of this story is the characters, and how they interact as a family. So just like in the song ‘The family Madrigal,’ we will break down how they are all related to each other, and what gifts they have. Starting off with, as the head of the house is Abuela Alma voiced by (María Cecilia Botero) her gift is the house and the candle that gives power to the house for the whole movie. Next, we have Abuela’s triplets, the oldest being Julieta voiced by (Angie Cepeda) her gift is the ability to make food that can heal anyone who eats it; She is married to Agustín voiced by (Wilmer Valderrama) he does not have a gift because of his marriage into the family not by blood relation. The middle sibling is Pepa voiced by (Carolina Gaitán) she can change the weather depending on her mood; She is married to Félix voiced by (Mauro Castillo) who, just like Agustin, does not have a gift, because he married into the family. The youngest sibling is Bruno voiced by (John Leguizamo) he has the gift of reading the future, but like the film explains he hasn’t been seen in years. 


Julieta and Agustin have three children starting off with their oldest Isabela voiced by (Diane Guerrero) she can instantly create plant life in all forms, mostly creating flowers. Their second child is Luisa, voiced by (Jessica Darrow) she has superhuman strength and can lift anything without feeling its weight. And their youngest is Mirabel who is voiced by (Stephanie Beatriz) she does not have a gift, she is the only one in the family who did not get the gift when she came of age. The oldest of Pepe and Felix is Dolores, voiced by (Adassa) she has the gift of really good hearing, as it says in the song “the Family Madrigal” she can hear conversations from a mile away. Their second is Camilo, voiced by (Rhenzy Feliz) he has the gift of shape-shifting; throughout the film we see him change into many different members of his family and others in the village. And finally the youngest Antonio, voiced by (Ravi Cabot-Conyers) who at the beginning of the film has no gift yet, but we soon see during his ceremony he does get his gift. Each one of these characters grow throughout the film, and make us feel like we grew with them as a family, they all have depth to their character, and to each other.


The story of this film carries over into the real world, because even though these characters have gifts that no one has in real life many of the characters are very relatable. Just like a lot of Disney songs these too are just as catchy and fun to sing along with. The film as a whole is very re-watchable, and enjoyable for kids and adults.