New Conference in High School Sports

Landyn Mitvalsky, Staff Reporter

On January 22, 2021 many teams in Iowa joined a new conference which is 5A. The schools that were chosen to move up were decided by the number of students enrolled in the school. Some of the notable teams that moved from 4A to 5A are Cedar Rapids Kennedy, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, and Prairie. Washington stayed down at 4A along with Cedar Rapids Xavier and other schools, but they will still play Kennedy, and Jefferson this season because of the fact that they’re all inner city teams, and have pretty strong rivalries.

The schools that are top thirty six in enrollment numbers are 5A. The next thirty six are 4A. Many people think this was a good decision to make a new conference because there are new teams on the schedule for many teams, which will make some new rivalries. Many also think it will be good because it will make it more fair for teams that were outnumbered in previous years.

On the flip side some people are a bit sceptical about the idea because there is now more competition in the divisions, and maybe their team won’t be as good. But the majority of people said that they love the idea of a new division in High School Sports.