The Warrior Way

Brendin Farris, Staff Reporter

The Warriors are looking to start their season out right in their 9 games this year. Wash has 12 starters coming back this year.  Players like Junior All-State DB Watts McBride, Senior starting quarterback Reid Oritz, Junior linebacker Chase Mahoney and Senior running back Jabari Dobbs. The key to having a great season Coach Jason Wood saids,“players believing in the system and executing the system. I think that’s the key.” 

Wash went 3-6 last year with wins over CR Jefferson, CR Kennedy and Marshalltown. With losing some key players to grantureing. Last year’s season started with the starting quarterback getting hurt. The Warriors made the playoffs but fell to Cedar Falls in the UNI dome in last year’s playoffs in the second round. 

The players that might stand out this football season Coach Woods saids, “We have a bunch.” “I would say Noah Allen, Tate Sykora- Mathess, James DeGrafft-Moffat, Reid Ortiz, Dobbs, Blanks, McBride, Harris.” “We have a lot of guys.” So there are some Warrior players to watch for this season.  Quarterback Reid Ortiz has some experience starting in games. He started in the last 3 games of the year last year. 

Wash lost some players on the offensive side of the ball from last year and the new face that will step up and help “Jaden Harris has stepped up and helped.” “Oh Michael is stepping up, Reid of course.” Everybody’s inspecting the defence to be good this year. The players that will stand out on defence he saids,  “JD, Aiden Williams and Romen Young will be standouts for us.” 

Wash’s star player Watts McBride ( ‘23) saids what he wants to accomplish this football season is “ just help my team in every way that I can and be a leader.” Watts is an all-state defence back. He had 52 tackles solo last year in 4A. He also plays running back too. He said being an all-state player is “It’s an honor but a lot of credit goes to our coaches and my teammates.” His experience from playing last year to this year is “first of all it’s getting used to the speed of the game and the faster you play the more stuff you pick up on it and the better off you’ll be.” 

It would be great for all students to come to a game this year. It’s a fun time to watch the games and talk to friends. Come out and support our football team and it’s always a great day to be a warrior