What is Going on in Afghanistan?

McKenzie Miller, News Editor

Recently the headlines have been filled with everything going on in Afghanistan, but no one is truly explaining it all. It may not be known but the war between the United States of America and Afghanistan has been going on for over twenty years, not just recently. The war is specifically between the United States of America and the Taliban that is stationed in Afghanistan. The Taliban is a deobandi, which is an islamic revivalist movement, religious-political and military organization. What started the war was when the United States of America wanted revenge for the attack on 9/11, so troops invaded where the Taliban host stayed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Headlines were first made when President Joe Biden declared that the troops were to move out of Afghanistan due to the amount of troops located there. Besides the troops moving out of Afghanistan, the other recent news regarding Afghanistan is the Taliban banning the citizens of Afghanistan from the Kubal airport so that they do not leave the country to remain powerful. 

After the attack of 9/11 the United States of America decided to get revenge on the terrorist group that did it, the Taliban. For their revenge the United states of America decided that the  troops were to invade Afghanistan after it had been taken over and with the intentions to destroy Al-Qaeda and its Taliban hosts. Al-Qaeda is another Islamist organization that is regarded as a terrorist group, much like the Taliban. After the planned invasion, the United States of America had wanted to create a democratic Afghan state to help women and children that were trapped under the Taliban. The United States of America instead launched air missiles which struck Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. Since then, there has been continuous back and forth from the U.S and the Taliban but as the years have gone on it has died down in headlines. 

President Biden decided to withdraw thousands of troops that were stationed in Afghanistan due to how many troops stayed in afghanistan. The United States had over 1000 more troops stationed in Afghanistan than was disclosed to the public. As soon as President Biden declared this, the Taliban re-took over Kabul. Because the Taliban re-took over the capitol, it is driving all citizens to try anything they can to flee the country whether it’s safe or dangerous. For example, citizens of Afghanistan are trying to hold onto wings of plans when they are in the air as a way to escape the Taliban’s control which ultimately led to their deaths. President Biden made a promise to the United States of America and its troops that all those stationed in Afghanistan were to be gone by September 11th, 2021.

As of August 31st, eleven days before the deadline, all the American troops were gone from the station in Afghanistan. Over 15,000 troops were relocated from Afghanistan to the United States of America and only a couple hundred American citizens have decided to stay in Afghanistan to be with family or other reasons. With that ends America’s longest war that lasted just over two decades.