Anything But Yes Means No


Shiloh Stephen, Staff Reporter

The fight to end one of the most common known fraternities in America and Canada is still ongoing. Thousands of people throughout the United States of America have signed a petition to end Phi Gamma Delta – a popular fraternity house most commonly known as Fiji. This petition was started after the most recent allegations were made against one of the members at the University of Nebraska. 

The report was made by a fellow classmate who fell victim to the notorious crimes made by the house, the alleged rape was reported to take place at the fraternities off campus house in the early morning after the first day of classes. The sexual assault victim involved was a 17 year old female student (who’s identity has not been released) and a 19 year old male student who is a member of the house. This is not the first time allegations have been made against this fraternity. 13 women have claimed to have been raped by current or former members in prior years. 

A similar incident occurred at the University of Iowa During the night time hours of September 3rd 2020, a sophmore girl was drugged and raped by members of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house at the University. Photos and videos were also taken of the girl and spread between the house members in a group chat. All members of the fraternity knew of this event and planned to continue to do it to other women. As if this wasn’t enough, not one of the members reported the notorious crime to local authorities or to anyone outside of the colony (frat).

A protest took place at the University of Iowa outside of the Phi Gamma Delta house on Tuesday, August 21, 2021. Hundreds of people showed up with signs, their voices and a will of motivation for change. The house windows were broken with large rocks and the exterior of the house was graffitied with slurs, students and protesters later disemboweled when local authorities – Iowa City Police Department – were called to the site. The University later plans to release an updated version of their anti-violence plan where they urge victims or anyone with more information to speak up and come forward so a full investigation can take place.