Why Cancel Culture Is Bad

Kaden Fields, Chief Photographer & Multimedia Editor

The social climate in recent years has blistered with new corrosive and conflicting trends that try to undermine the status of certain groups. With the fear of not being “woke” in a society dictated by standards and obligations, there is a growing concern over the security and freedom that individuals will have. Cancel culture or ostracism—exclusion from a society or group—has taken hold of the radical and cognizant people found in society and it will eventually tear us apart. 

“Cancel Culture,” a fairly new term has been the main tool woke mobs use in means to shun individuals that don’t conform to agreed societal standards. For example, Gina Carano, an actress of the Disney+ show “The Mandalorian,” was canceled after she refused to apologize on tweets she made that espoused conspiracy theories and expressed her own views, especially political. This resulted in her being fired from Disney and publicly shamed by social media. 

The overall concept of cancel culture—regardless of the reasoning—for why something or someone is being canceled is so ridiculous. Yes, some individuals can be insensitive, morbid, radical, and narcissistic, but it shouldn’t be counteracted by people trying to ruin careers and publish stories on major news platforms to the point in which it feels suffocating. 

There is a lost art of minding your own business that a good majority of society has seemed to lose. It is indeed wrong and in extremely poor taste for Carano to spread insensitive opinions on Twitter and her tweets should be taken down for it. It is fair to be reminded of our past, but to make a mockery of it is something more disturbing. Regardless, people have the right to free speech and this will forever ensure that people will be divisive with one another. 

In order to progress as a society we need to abolish this crippling two-party system that has ironically kept a so-called united country heavily segregated. Political ideologies do not need to be labeled but rather can be intermixed and accepted. We live in a world in which people feel the need to take hold of an identity and role in society to obtain justice for their parties’ causes. Cancel culture is ridiculous because it uses these politically radical ideologies to destroy certain people rather than trying to progress in a socially more accepting society. There needs to be fundamental understandings of what’s right and wrong but we need to start treating each other the way we would like to be treated. We need to stop canceling things and rather let things grow, and if that certain thing is distasteful then ignore it and move on

Overall, Cancel Culture is a bandwagon scheme to insight mass amounts of social media discourse in the pursuit of diminishing someone or something’s importance. It is important that we progress as a society together and start to use social media as a tool for everyone’s benefit. It is unfortunate that we live in a greedy, selfish, and entitled society that feels the need to be understood and noticed. Yet it isn’t too late to change and accept one another regardless of the differences we inherit.