Darius Ballard Announced As Principal


Katelyn Kern, Staff Reporter

Darius Ballard has now stepped into the role of permanent principal after being interim principal this past school year. Before being appointed principal he served as an assistant principal for four years. Ballard found Washington High School to be a good fit for him considering it fit his values, and amongst other aspects he appreciates the diversity and big personalities associated with Wash.

Ballard has always been inspired to teach and connect with students. Even as a student himself he would always encourage and help his classmates, “I wanted to be able to be a big kid” Ballard said. Through his school years he always knew he wanted to be a teacher over other interests that came along, but just not sure of what. He spent time studying and considering the subjects he was interested in, and so the start of his education career began with being a biology teacher. Ballard enjoyed teaching in this subject and to him, the highlight was helping, connecting with and cheering on his students, “I think a really good teacher finds a way to connect with you on a personal level and not just your grade,” but he didn’t want to stop with just his students. He wanted to be involved outside of the classroom to support all students to make them the greatest they could and wanted to be. Ballard also wanted to be a part of the uplifting of the people around the students, whether that involved aiding the teachers, staff or families to enhance the community for everyone involved. “I wanted to be a part of the system work, I definitely wanted to be involved outside of the classroom” Ballard said.

As previously mentioned, Ballard chose Washington because he felt like it fit his values and intentions. He expresses, “I never imagined I would become the next principal here at Washington.” He highly values diversity, positivity, community and helping better students and people who look for a safe setting to confide in. Another high point in being an administrator is being able to socialize and observe the school. Starting in the middle of a pandemic is definitely new to us but Mr.Ballard found the positive over the stress and difficulties. This year he got to form new relationships and connections through the unusual circumstances that in the end gave us some good experiences. He admires the welcoming, positive community present at Wash, along with seeing the celebrations of the wins and accomplishments.

While he remains in his role as principal he hopes to make our school the best it can be. Mr.Ballard aims to both normalize and encourage diversity, along with plans to narrow in towards connecting with the community. He particularly desires for Washington to be a welcoming and open place for anyone and everyone to come to.