The Mandalorian: Season 2 Review


Savannah Andrews, Staff Reporter

The Disney+ show “The Mandalorian” released the first episode of its second season on October 30th, 2020, to December 18th, 2020 releasing the last episode of this season (with new episodes coming out each week) and directed by Jon Favreau. In this Science-Fiction addition to the original Star Wars series, Pedro Pascal plays the role of the Mandalorian, or ‘Mando,’ in the first season. He is introduced as a very skilled bounty hunter who takes on the responsibility of  The Child (a smaller version of Yoda’s species). In this new season focused on The Mandalorian and the child, Mando is on a quest to find another Mandalorian who will lead him to a Jedi, to care for and train The Child. In season two, we also dive deeper into the Mandalorian culture and learn something very surprising about the main character’s upbringing, which I’m sure we will see more of and have questions answered in season three. 

This season is created well for those nostalgic for some of the original movies and additional shows. In episode Chapter 13: The Jedi- A character from the animated tv show The Clone Wars is introduced for only this episode, Ahsoka Tano. This season doesn’t just contain one new character, but some old and new characters come into the light for the new episodes, characters previously introduced in other Star Wars shows and movies like Ahsoka, and Boba Fett they were part of this adventure to prepare us and subtly introduce them for their own spinoff shows. Keeping on with nostalgia the beginning starts on Tatooine, a plant we have seen many times before, but in Chapter 9: The Marshal we see this planet in a new town with new dangers that sets Mando’s journey forward. 

Looking back on Season one, it was new and a little rough around the edges because of how new and popular it was, and the whole of the story wasn’t figured out yet, but it seemed to do better and had most of the problems figured out in the second season. Though this season has had what feels like it was repetitive in the sense that Mando needed something from someone, and they need something, he helps them then they both go their separate ways with information or something they want. It feels like a pattern for each episode, but it seems to be working, and keeping that sense of momentum and danger that keeps you watching. Even with new characters and story points, it does well to keep up with the story at hand and maintain and even develop a stronger bond between our two original main characters (Mando, and The Child). 

Keeping on with surprises throughout the episodes including some places we know from former movies, and also some familiar faces, in Chapter 13: The Jedi we get to know more about The Child. Who is well known as The Child, or baby Yoda (which is not accurate) we get to see into the background of our beloved Child, and even his name. In Chapter 14: The Tragedy a new development (with what we know as the force) comes to him in a new way, now making him more powerful and dangerous. Eventually, we see it is inevitable The Child will have to move on from Mando to be trained by someone who will be able to train him. 

So much is there to cover in this season all the small adventures, and risks are taken, and new things, and surprises in every episode. In future seasons and episodes, there is no doubt all the loose ends will be resolved, either in the Mandalorian or the new shows to come. With all the plot twists and turns, this season was very enjoyable and a blast to watch, with the nostalgic parts of Star Wars and the new additions.