Heat House


Grayce Conley, Staff Reporter


Here in Cedar Rapids– more specifically the NewBo and Czech Village area, we have a lot of interesting businesses, ranging from Soko Outfitters, an outdoor apparel and gear shop, to Found and Formed, a clothing store that sells reworked vintage pieces. One of my new favorites has to be The Heat House, located in suite 207 in the Cherry Building next to NewBo. 

The Heat House describes its business as selling unique and vintage “hype” types of clothing. The owners, Maclain Ray, and Graydon Londquist had been thinking about starting something like this for a while and decided they had accumulated enough of a collection amongst themselves to start selling some of it. Their collection is composed of pieces from all over. Pieces from Depop, eBay, estate sales, and trading with local resellers. They’ll thrift for days to find one good piece for their shop. “We just wanted to give people an option to buy cool pieces without them having to come directly from sweatshops,” Ray said. They sell a wide variety of vintage and used high-end goods. While visiting the store a couple of my favorite pieces would be the Comme Des Garcons Chuck Taylor Converse or a vintage Marlboro Cigarettes duffle bag. 

The spark for starting the Heat House, aside from the collection of pieces, was also that the boys didn’t know of anything in the area like it, let alone anyone their age that would go for it. “People our age shouldn’t be afraid to just go for it, follow your heart.” said Ray. 

They have been seeing consistent traffic throughout their first couple of weeks being open, and say it’s definitely paying itself off pretty quickly. If you’re looking for somewhere new and fun, go check out the Heat House in suite 207 in the Cherry Building, open 12-5 daily!