Production in a Pandemic

Abby Throndson, Co-Editor In Chief

How many times a day do you pick up your phone and open Netflix to watch something, or turn on your favorite Spotify playlist, or grab the TV remote and turn on your favorite TV show? To us, this is mindless entertainment– something almost always available for us to consume, but for others, this is their life. Production for movies, TV shows, live theatre, and music is a massive industry that most Americans contribute money to, but many don’t understand or appreciate the craft. There is a complex system in place for production, where if one brick is out of place, the wall comes crumbling down. 

Well, the deadly coronavirus pandemic flipped the industry inside out. Whether it was “Tiger King,” or Taylor Swift’s album “Folklore,” the output of entertainment still continued, kind of. Millions of people in the entertainment industry were suddenly out of work, movies and shows halted production and premieres, and Broadway went dark. Over the nine months since the original shutdown, some productions have restarted with heavy restrictions and rules, but some have been unable to dig out of the hole the pandemic is leaving, with the threat to shut down for good.  

In this new series for the Surveyor, join Co-Editor-in-Chief, Abby Throndson, as she dives into a movie, TV show, live theatre, and music production in a pandemic.