The Evolution of Online Streaming Services

Kaden Fields, Chief Photographer & Multimedia Editor

With the birth of Netflix in 2007, the popularity of streaming services has had a very quick and effective upcoming among people transitioning into a digital age. With the follow-up of Hulu in 2008, it was clear that the future of cable networking would diminish in popularity with these new streaming services providing access to different films and shows for a reasonable price every month. This is not to mention music streaming via Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud which has created one of the most beneficial outlets for unexplored music and upcoming artists. Both music and media streaming services both open up different indie level productions that inspire and open up different avenues in exploiting one’s creative outlet.

To say streaming services have benefited our society culturally is an understatement– it has completely changed the way we access our entertainment media, in one of the best ways possible. Though it can add up to be expensive by trying to encompass as many of these services as possible the versatility and diversity of selection seems to benefit the cultural landscape of entertainment and art media.

Continuing streaming services during a time in which we must stay home amidst a pandemic, it’s worth questioning the future of sports broadcasting and even movie showings. With most movies scheduled for 2020 release dates being either pushed back to next year or dropped onto streaming services, it’s weird to think that perhaps the means in which we access entertainment may be changed completely. In record numbers, the cable industry dropped nearly 1.6 million customers in 2018, and more than triple that, 4.9 million, in 2019, according to data from Leichtman Research Group (LRG). This is accompanied by a steady decline in the movie theatre industry but this is clear as so is social entertainment gathering even such as music venues is hurting right now.

Overall, the future of these entertainment media may evolve into something much less human and more technologically interactive as movies, live streaming, online concerts, and other forms of entertainment thrive in a socially distant reality. To say movie theatres and live music will go away is kind of a stretch but nonetheless, it has seemed to continue to change as time slips away.