Good News track review

Harrison Ginsberg, Staff Reporter

“Good News,” the debut single from Mac Miller’s most recent album, Circles, arrived on January 9, despite the death of the artist on September of 2018. The album itself, released on January 17, is the successor to his 2018 effort, Swimming.
The song opens up with a droning bass and plucked strings playing a catchy and easygoing melody all in a chill-worthy, pop-style beat. The lyrics of the song all seem to revolve around him and what seems to be a struggle with his emotional health. The first few lines especially give off this lonesome and introverted quality to it as he talks about spending the day in his head, dreaming, and doing some “spring cleaning.” The way he delivers his lyrics in this groggy and somewhat lazy style definitely fits the aesthetic he seems to go for, which is always a plus. But it mostly seems like he’s swallowing on his own words and, at times, I catch myself replaying the line just to understand him. Looking at the lyrics again, it definitely feels odd to look at them without being reminded of his untimely death. Lyrics such as “I’m running out of gas, hardly anything left,” feels somewhat unsettling. He talks about if he makes it home from work, but sadly, he didn’t. The song doesn’t seem to go far in terms of production and the overall beat as it relatively stays in its own soft and lo-fi inspired flavor all throughout the track. The strong suit of “Good News” was definitely the lyrics, as they really put you into the shoes of what exactly was on his mind on a mental level — or at least, his mindset — while he was making the track. It’s downfall, however, is mainly how Mac speaks/sings throughout the song (for the most part).
All in all, I think “Good News” is a great track, provides a taste into Mac’s psyche, and of course has an original and catchy instrumental to go along with it.