2019 School year changes

Nik Huerter

The 2019-2020 school year has kicked off and there have been a few changes throughout the school. This year every student will be receiving a Chromebook, unless they or their parents have opted out. Students receiving a Chromebook must sign a paper detailing the requirements and regulations behind owning a Chromebook. These regulations restrict personal use of the computers, and try to assign a more academic role.  An interesting change is a switch from Powerschool to Infinite Campus. In the past, Powerschool was used for grading and scheduling, but this year Infinite Campus has taken Powerschools place. 

Infinite Campus has a lot to offer in terms of checking grades and progress in class. While the administration generally has a positive view on the change, some students are annoyed with the change, claiming the new system is too complex, or dramatically different from Powerschool. Some teachers have moved away from websites used in the past such as Canvas, and are now implementing Google Classroom. 

George Washington High School principal John Cline spoke about the 2019-2020 changes saying, 

“Any change is a discomfort at first. Once we learn the ins-and-outs, it will create a lot of new opportunities.” said Cline.

Some Washington students though do not have such a positive look on the switch this year. One senior which asked to stay anonymous, stated,

“I’m not happy with the switch from powerschool. Not only is infinite campus confusing, you cant even see your GPA.”

Chromebooks are new this year. One concern about the new laptops, is some students who opt out will be at a disadvantage compared to those who accept them, but right now teachers must accommodate those who cannot access the internet. On the other hand, a laptop for everyone creates new opportunities in academic work. Students who previously could not access the internet have a means to learn, free of charge. Talks of grant money funding academic learning through paid wifi have been surfaced through administration. Overall, these new changes will affect our school. Making these changes better for students and staff is what Washington High School tries to prioritize.