Sweeps: Overview


a school hallway

Kaden Fields `, Chief Photographer

The brooms will be kept in the closet as last years introduced policy of “sweeping” will not be brought back through the 2019-2020 school year. Many students were conflicted about the protocol, some hated it, others didn’t liked it, but it was a productive and interesting idea to get students were they needed to be in a uniform manner non the less.

“Having security guards now is a much better alternative. They know the kids who are in the halls and can pick them out.” says Tiffany Rule 21’ when asked how she felt about what has been in effect this year in replace of Sweeps. “The process is labor intensive and ties up valuable resources. Processing can also produce further delays in attendance.” Says Principle Cline. Mr. Blue and Mr. Ballard did not comment. 

Furthermore, the logic of sweeps didn’t stand with some students. “The punishment if you were even a minute late to class would result in you getting sent to the main office, making you even more late.” says Rule 21’. This was a very common complaint among students but has dissolved over time.

All in all, Don’t expect to see sweeping coming back anytime soon. With security now at wash, the environment has been kept controlled and civilized for the most part. 

We work to have classes starting promptly with engaging activities that students understand the value of and therefore are motivated to not miss them. Staff members are also helpful in encouraging students between classes.  We will track tardies and attendance and look for improvements.” says Principal Cline.