Wrestling Studs

Jared Barger, Staff Reporter

University of Iowa freshman, Washington Alum class of 2018, and wrestler Will Foreman made his mark here during his 4 years. Foreman set a school record for the most wins during his career. He finished his quest during his senior season with a 124-29 record.
Washington wrestling coach, J.P. Graham coached Foreman to this achievement.
“It was pretty cool because the previous record holder I coached was in 2005, so the record had been standing for a long period of time,” says Coach Graham.
Some wrestlers in the state have more wins than Foreman but their conferences have more matches. Foreman had to keep an extremely high win percentage to break the record.”In our conference you have to be extremely consistent to reach over 100 wins,” Graham continued.
And consistent he was. He put up an 81% win percentage.
Foreman has moved on from Wash but Graham has the privilege of coaching his younger brother, Joe, to achieve great things. He looks forward to helping Joe follow in his brother’s footsteps. “Joe is right around 50 wins right now so he would have to beat a lot of people to break the record, but it is possible,” said Graham. “Will and Joe have very different styles. Will is very aggressive on his feet and looking to take people down. Joe is better in the top position, getting people where he wants them.”
Despite the different styles, both brothers work hard to be the best they can be and look to keep the Foreman wrestling legacy alive wherever they go.