Bye Bye Buck

Abby Throndson, News Editor

Monday April 29, staff from the Cedar Rapids Community School District received an email from CRCSD Superintendent, Brad Buck, saying that he has accepted a job in the Waukee Community School District as their superintendent. In early April, the staff had received an email explaining that he was one of the final three candidates being interviewed. In this email, Buck said “The decision to apply for this position was not made lightly and was made with a great deal of thought, in partnership with my family, over the course of more than a month.”

In the more recent email Buck explained that the decision was a careful consideration, with his children in mind. The Waukee job allows Buck to live in closer proximity to his family in Des Moines. He’s excited for the new opportunities the job offers, but will miss the Cedar Rapids spirit and the dedication each staff member has.

The process of hiring a new Superintendent will be a priority for the Board of Education, and will communicate details and updates when they occur. “I’m sure they (the Board) will take the necessary amount of time to hire someone who will work for the community,” said Washington Principal John Cline.

Update: The CRCSD Board of Directors is trying to make the transition between Superintendents as smooth as possible for the sake of the students and for projects already underway.

Due to the timing of the announcement of Buck’s departure, the Board of Directors has suggested for an interim Superintendent to be appointed, then proceed to find a permanent Superintendent during the 2019-2020 school year.

In her email out to the staff,Director of Communications, Akwi Nji, said, “it is with pleasure that we announce Noreen Bush has accepted the position of Interim Superintendent effective July 1, 2019, pending Board approval at noon on Friday, May 3, 2019.”

Bush is currently Deputy Superintendent in charge of high schools and will continue with her responsibilities as Deputy until July 1, which is when Buck begins his job in Waukee.