Staff Buds to Berate Behavior

New Security Hired to Help Behavioral Issues at Wash


New AES guard in the wash cafeteria. Photo by Gabe Greco.

Jessie Koozer

Recently at Washington High School a decision was made to add more security guards to ensure student safety. The addition brought two All Event Security (AES) guards and two guards provided by the district. Two other schools in the Cedar Rapids Community School district that also have security guards, Jefferson and Kennedy, have three and two, respectively. Neither Jefferson or Kennedy have AES guards.
According to associate principal Darius Ballard, the AES security was brought, not because of specific incidents at Wash, but for prevention of altercations before they escalate into violence.
“We’ve tried to increase our presence so there’s higher visibility, so if things are going on we know about it. But equally important if there’s things that are boiling underneath the surface they [security guards] will know about it so we can do something about it before it becomes an actual fight,” said Ballard.
During 2019 alone there have been 11 arrests at Wash, but Ballard says the arrests were not the reason why more security was hired.
“We had three security guards a few years ago and then we had to cut down to one. But after a fight that occurred we got the greenlight to have three more, which we felt we needed. It’s really just one more than what we used to have.” said Ballard.
Although they seem different to students as they have different attire, the AES guards have the same responsibilities as the guards hired through the CRCSD.
“Our school security responsibilities really haven’t changed. They [AES guards] will fill the same role that the school security has always filled at Washington High School. We want to have four full time people here to promote a safe and orderly environment for students that is conducive to learning for everyone,” said principal John Cline