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Spread the Word to End the Word.

Jaydin McMickle, Co-Opinions Editor

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Jaydin McMickle
Students in Lewis’ room wears matching T-Shirts to show support

Jaydin McMickle
Outside the office, a poster is signed by many students

Jaydin McMickle
Student signs and receives a sticker

Jaydin McMickle
A hug was needed in matching shirts as they pledged

Jaydin McMickle
Students took time out of lunch to pledge.

On March 6th, Washington high school students were to pledge to “End the Word”. The pledge includes not using the “R” word in discriminatory ways towards students with special needs. At Washington alone we have 14 classrooms and 15 teachers dedicated to those students. At the pledge, students sign their name on a poster and receives a sticker for taking the pledge.

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Jaydin McMickle, Co Opinions Editor

Hi Y'all, I'm Jaydin! I am a Senior and it's my first year in Surveyor!! In my free time I do shows at TCR and that's it. I like dogs, sushi, and music....

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Spread the Word to End the Word.