Mrs. Farley on Leave


photo of winter choir concert

Kaden Fields, Multimedia Editor

The Slice of Jazz program at Washington High School has always been recognized for its participation in the art media. The symphony of students express the genre of jazz with a high rate of success and skill. But with their director Mrs. Farley on leave due to her pregnancy, it’s wondered how her absence will affect the group’s upcoming championships.

“My colleague, Mr. Westphalen, will be taking over Slice of Jazz while I am gone. He will finish out the vocal jazz season with them. This will include All-State Jazz auditions and the Iowa Vocal Jazz Championships,” said Farley. “I will be gone for 8-9 weeks. I am due February 25th and will return at the beginning of May. Mr. Westphalen and I are working together to create deadlines which will secure great success for Slice. Ms. Rachael Demaree will be my long term sub during my leave. I am very excited to see how the leaders in our program step up while I am gone and take on new responsibilities. I am also thrilled to let our students work with another outstanding female choir director and to learn from her. What a great experience!”

Continuing, the students are going to be greatly  affected by her leave and will have to workaround their teachers absence.

“I think the biggest challenge will be getting the styling and details perfected. Mrs. Farley keeps the ensemble honest and always pushes us to the next level on each song we do. Without that kind of leadership, we will have to work a lot harder on our own, said Ian Wolverton-Weiss, 21’. As of recently the Slice of Jazz group had won the Iowa Jazz champs and have gained praise from their performance’s, hopefully making Mrs. Farley proud.