Senior Night at the Stable


Isaac Gomez

Senior night at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena

Isaac Gomez, Sports Editor

Senior Night at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena is a night of recognition and celebration for a group of guys who’ve dedicated their lives to the sport of hockey and to their fellow teammates.

As people enter the stable, they are greeted with signs left and right congratulating the seniors of 2019. Along the concourse are posters of each senior on the High School RoughRiders. Each poster is filled with pictures of the players growing up with the sport. Their tables littered with medals and trophies that they have won throughout their lives. Ultimately leading up to their final season before moving onto college.

Max Taylor ‘19  is one of the seniors who was recognized and he attends Washington. Taylor has been playing hockey since he was six and was introduced to it at a very young age. “My Grandpa got season tickets the year after I was born to the Roughriders here and I’ve been going ever since.”

Before the game the seniors were acknowledged for their longevity and contribution to the team. The announcer would call each senior and they would skate to the middle of the ice where they would meet their parents or relative.

Each player had different facts about themselves, such as, nickname, favorite high school hockey moment, and funniest moment.

This night gave the crowd a chance to get to know these players a little better rather than just another hockey player.

When it came to game time, the Roughriders drew first blood with a goal from Carter Renwick ‘19 in the fifth minute of the first period. The Riders put on an offensive clinic scoring seven goals. Hunter Williams ‘20 and Ryan Carlson ‘19 both had two goals in the victory.

In both the game and pregame, it was all about the Roughriders. Taylor and the rest of the team knows that senior night was a special game and a night to remember the long ride. “Last year here ever, some of them I’ve been playing with them since Mite.”

Everyone recognized that it was going to be the last season with this team. Playing with each other since they were eight. All 11 seniors will be taking a different path from now on, but each player will look back on their past and remember this group of guys.