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Snow Day Make-up Plans

Abby, Throndson

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The numerous snow days and delays that the CRSCD has had during the so-called ‘Polar Vortex’ left students and staff with questions about how we would make them up. Superintendent Brad Buck developed and presented a preliminary make-up plan to the School Board on February 14.

The plan suggests changing Friday dismissal times to 3 p.m., instead of the current 1:30 p.m. This plan would start on March 1, and go through May 10. Then students would attend classes through June 5, with finals that day and on June 4.

If any snow days occur after the plan is put in place, April 19 would become an instructional day, instead of its current status as a Staff Progress Reporting Day. After that, days would continue to be added to the end of the year in June. If the school ends up enduring another large snow storm affecting school days, the plan will be revisited and revised.

This plan, however, isn’t final and won’t be until the School Board approves it. The next meeting of the Board is on February 25. At that point, more information will be communicated to families and staff. 


Update Feb. 28, 2019: This plan was approved at the School Board Meeting on February 25.

Since the district called a snow day on February 20, there will be school on April 19.

Friday dismissal times have changed from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

On the new Friday schedule, every period is 51 minutes and there is no iLearning. The new Friday bell schedule is as follows:

Period 1       7:50-8:41

Period 2      8:46-9:37

Period 3      9:42-10:39 (including announcements)

Period 4

A Lunch       10:44-11:14

A Class         11:19-12:11

B Class         10:44-11:36

B Lunch       11:41-12:11

Period 5      12:17-1:08

Period 6      1:13-2:04

Period 7      2:09-3:00

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Snow Day Make-up Plans