Seinfeld Review

Jerry Seinfeld by The Deadline Team

Jerry Seinfeld by The Deadline Team

Matthew Gearhart, Opinions Editor

If you ask anyone what prominent sitcom they know of, they’ll often utter the name “Seinfeld”. Originally aired in 1989, this ridiculously comedic and witty show dominated the 1990’s cultural landscape. Created by comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the show was constructed from the beginning to be a unique form of comedic genius. By the sixth season, “Seinfeld” climbed to one of the two highest rated shows on television, the finale had 76.3 million live viewers. So what made “Seinfeld” so popular and my favorite show ever?

It’s about nothing. No seriously. The show does not take one plot and stretch it across episodes and seasons. It is four insane, yet hilarious characters in several different coincidental scenarios each episode. The structure of “Seinfeld”  follows a formula. In the beginning, the characters are just gathered around in a coffee shop called Monk’s Cafe. They have conversations about questions that seem ridiculous but in reality are truly accurate. They often bring up rules in society that aren’t clear or patterns of everyday life that many haven’t noticed. Like in the episode where Jerry, one of the main characters, points out the authoritarian nature of the second button on a button down shirt. “The second button literally makes or breaks the shirt. Look at it, it’s too high, it’s in no-man’s land. You look like you live with your mother!” he exclaimed to George Costanza, another main character. That is the kind of particular nature of simple discussion that makes the show so entertaining to watch. “Seinfeld.”  doesn’t try to shove a dramatic relationship or huge action scene down the audience’s throat. It simply makes us laugh through it’s simplistic, satirical conversations.

Another facet of the infamous sitcom is each character’s particular mannerisms that makes “Seinfeld” work in such harmony. My favorite character, Kramer, Jerry’s neighbor, is an eccentric and loud man who comes up with the most ridiculous ideas and inventions to solve  problems arisen in an episode. And oftentimes, to the audiences surprise, work out for him. One moment that defines him as a character is when Kramer shaved his body with butter, went to tan on the roof of his New york apartment building and cooked like a rotisserie chicken!

It’s hard to fit in every single particular aspect of “Seinfeld” in just one article. From the insane character plots, where each characters’ story affect the others and drag each other into one large conundrum. To how little decisions the characters choose to make lead to monumental consequences. The show will always have a massive influence on American culture and will forever be a great show.