Restaurant Review: Mi Tierra


Finding an outstanding Mexican restaurant is very difficult. There are so many different establishments in town, and amongst them, it can be hard to determine mediocre from good and good from excellent. Many of said mediocre Mexican restaurants lose much of their defining flavors by cultivating to the watered down, milk-drinking american palate. Lots of Mexican restaurants are good, but they would be much better with a little more spice. Mi Tierra is none of the above. At 835 7th Ave in Marion, it has unique flavors, excellent meals, options for gringos, and isn’t afraid to throw a little cayenne pepper in the mix. Mi Tierra is one of few truly outstanding Mexican restaurants in the Metro area.

Huge props to the head cook at Mi Tierra, they must have the memory of an elephant. Seriously, their menu might have more entrees than your two favorite restaurants combined. Made up of six different pages, the menu consists of 224 different dishes ranging from burgers all the way to huevos rancheros. The amount of patience and skill it would take to learn how to make all 224 dishes, and in superb quality every time, is the epitome of dedication.

The Trio Enchiladas is described as three corn tortillas rolled and stuffed with beef, chicken, cheese, or shredded beef. Each one is topped with a different sauce-green tomatillo, white cream, and red tomato with spice, and then all covered with melted cheese. For the sake of variety, I opted for an enchilada of each kind; one beef, one cheese, one chicken. It came out just as described, red tomato and spices on the left, white cream in the middle, and green tomatillo on the left. Rice and beans were on both sides respectively. The red sauce was savory with a hint of sweet, the spices mixed in stood out in a good way. The beef inside was juicy and seasoned to perfection. Alongside the sauce and wholesome corn tortilla, it is deliciously combination of flavors. In the middle, a cheese enchilada covered in their white cream was very rich. The white cream had a flavor reminiscent of sour cream. This enchilada with the gooey cheese inside was the perfect combo for their spicy salsa. I traded out each bite for some chips and salsa. Lastly, the chicken enchilada covered in green tomatillo was my favorite of all. The chicken was eloquently seasoned and contained a flavor that was perfect for the corn tortilla. The green tomatillo was tangy and sweet, this enchilada was gone in one minute time.

Despite being bloated to my fullest, I flexed and stretched my stomach muscles to make some room for dessert. When refried ice cream and cheesecake chimichangas are on the menu, make no mistake, order them both! Both topped with sweet cherries, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup, they make the ultimate desert. The cheesecake chimi has a crispy wholesome wrap that contrasts with the sweet filling, the same goes for the refried ice cream.  

Mi Tierra deserves more recognition. With a kind staff, inviting atmosphere, and an absolutely monstrous menu, it would be nearly impossible to leave unsatisfied. I highly recommend Mi Tierra for your next visit to a Mexican restaurant.