Government Interference: Shutdown

Jared Barger, Staff Reporter

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people…was just reopened after being shut down for 35 days.
Simply put, the conflict was between president trump (republican) and the Democratic leaders. They were unable to come to an agreement about the funding that Trump needs for his wall. This wall has been talked about for over 2 years now, but it is finally becoming a reality for America. Trump wants to build a secure border between the U.S and Mexico to eliminate illegal immigrants.
The trouble started just before Christmas when Trump’s sudden reversal on a bipartisan funding extension forced a sizable portion — but not all — of the government into a partial shutdown. The Senate shot down two bills that would have reopened the government — one with wall funding and one without.
Neither party would back down and all proposals to end the shutdown were shot down. Even now there is much disclarity as to what the status is.
The shutdown not only affected Washington D.C. but all over the U.S. Around 800,000 federal employees did not report to work during this time and did not get paid. Many government museums, zoos, and parks were shut down as well. No other shutdowns in U.S. history had this type of effect on the entire nation.
Even here in the Cedar Rapids area there were challenges. The Hoover museum in West Branch is an example. They have many employees with families that couldn’t afford to miss 2 paychecks. Simple things such as the Christmas lights were still up and shoveling the walkway and parking lot were not taken care of.
Trump may have signed a bill that ended this record setting shutdown for now but there is plenty of speculation that it will be shutdown again. The possibility of more missed paychecks, for these employees and more days or even weeks of utter chaos in Washington D.C.