The Queen is Dead Album Review


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“The Queen is Dead” by The Smiths released in 1986 is regarded as The Smith’s Imperial moment. The term was coined by Neil Tennant and means a point in a pop performances career in which they simply cannot do anything wrong, this was according to a review by Pitchfork, who also gave the album a perfect 10.  I think this album is super interesting and fantastic. Alternative rock was never really an area I explored much but bands like The Cure and The Smith’s are the reason why I like Alternative rock now.

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First off, the thing about this band that stands out to me is Moressey’s vocals. It took time to get used to and at first and I was unsure whether I liked his style or not. But the band’s aesthetic and twangy beats support and mold the stylistic direction and if anything makes the vocals super interesting and simply good. Most of the songs on here are extremely catchy and fun to listen to. But some may ask, “why is this album even relevant and why should I care?” Though the album came out over 30 years ago, the album has made an immense impact on alternative music and how it revolutionized music to come for the ’90s and beyond. Much like a painting, music is timeless. And much like abstract art, The Smiths are either good or bad to the majority. 

Personally, I chose this album to review out of The Smiths other albums because it really defines their career and with songs like, “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”, and “Never Had No One Ever” redefine how to compose music. The melancholy and spiritually touching sounds will make you uncomfortable yet satisfied with what you hear. Though they aren’t perfect, their imperfections are still beautiful and creative in their own respect. If you fancy Alternative music and would like to expand your interests in music, this would be an interesting band to check out.