Snowmageddon Snuffing Out School


Miguel Jacobo

Outside Washington High School on a brutally cold winter day.

Miguel Jacobo, Web Master

In the brisk, subzero temperatures of a Tuesday morning, many students awake to blaring alarms only to find out shortly after getting up that school has been cancelled. Wednesday comes around, and the same happens. Thursday rolls in and as students are finally back in classes, a voice comes over the PA system to let everyone know that school is dismissing early today.

The resulting chaos has many students trying to figure out their schedules for the rest of the day, has teachers trying to cope with the now 13 minutes of class they have per class for the remainder of the day, has parents rushing from work to pick their students up from school. Then Friday is unceremoniously cancelled. And now Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday seem to show similar signs as the days previous.

This worrying weather has affected not only classes, but after school activities such as sports and clubs as well.

As a teacher I am mainly contemplating how I will deal with the missed instructional time because the AP test dates do not change. So I’m thinking of what I might possibly have to skip or go over quickly,” said science teacher and wrestling head coach John Graham.

“Wrestling is very difficult to coach during these snow storms. Obviously, you have the problem of kids not being able to get to practice if there is a cancellation. But with wrestling, you have the added pressure of making weight. So it’s especially tough to be disciplined and eat healthy while you are home all day, and also get your workout(s) in.”

More recently were the many cancellations and postponements of the District Speech Contest. Carolyn Tinkham, language arts teacher and Speech coach has had many struggles with the winter weather already.

“While I enjoy snow days as much as the next person (or more), these have actually produced quite a bit more stress, as they have knocked out rehearsal time for all our speech groups prior to both district and state contests, as well as forcing us to postpone district contest three times before finally putting on a contest ourselves.”

Members of the community have also had issues with the weather albeit it acting as a double edged blade.

“I don’t mind the snow and the kids love playing in it. However, when temperatures are dangerous, kids aren’t able to be outside and it’s hard at times being stuck at home in the cold,” said Christine Engel, mother of two.

Although all of this weather does mean that students have less school currently and seems to serve as a second winter break, many sports and fine arts groups are suffering as a result of it. Only time will tell how much more snow the city will get, how much colder it will get, and how many more days students and teachers will miss as the last day of school is pushed deeper into the summer.


Today marks another day of school releasing early as Snowmageddon seems to be making a comeback for round two. With high temperatures melting the snow over the weekend, a deep freeze has set in with addition to freezing rain that is guaranteed to create significant amounts of ice on the road tonight and into the morning, resulting in the early release today. As of right now, it remains unclear whether or not activities for the evening or the school day tomorrow will be affected by this weather.


It has now been over three weeks since the start of Snowmageddon, and there still seems to be no end in sight despite the warmer temperatures we received last week. Yesterday was another day of school cancelled, and today a two hour delayed start. Forecasts into the weekend and beyond predict more snow and cold as the city and its people are continuously flash frozen in the frigid weather, struggling to have a normal day. As of now there is still no clear end in sight for Snowmageddon, but there is hope still as Spring approaches closer, ready to warm and rejuvenate the cold and tired citizens of the city.

Tonight, the school board is meeting after having been postponed Monday in order to determine how the district will handle the snow days that have plagued us in the last month.