Room 128 Renovations

Abby Throndson, News Editor

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The model for the plans of the Student Center renovations. View from above the room. Photo provided by Wren Greubel.

In the spring of 2017, an idea came up during Committee WHS, Washington’s student concern group, Wren Greubel, ’20, took on the task of coming up with possible renovations to the school’s Student Center, also known as room 128. The renovations will hopefully help the school progress into a more innovative future.

The idea of the futuristic classroom setting is to have a more open space that helps students and clubs work more easily. “It (room 128) will be used for student needs. We are hoping it becomes an area for students to be able to collaborate and get work done,” said Wren Greubel, ’20. Greubel is the main student organizer for the project. The list of renovations include installing new carpeting and cabinetry, more lights and technology, and new furniture that promotes collaboration and critical thinking.

As seen in the design, the room is focused around the ‘quad-couch,’ where four separate groups of students can work in a  condensed area. There will also be a few tables around the walls of the room with technology. The open concept will allow more natural light into the room.

The model for the plans of the Student Center renovations. View from the windows of the room. Photo provided by Wren Greubel.

The idea came up during a session of Committee WHS, the student concern group that meets during lunch. Ideally, the design  will help progress the school into a more modern way of teaching and learning. “I’m very excited,” said Principal John Cline. “It will really be a great place for students to go and work.”

One worry of the team that’s coming up with these ideas is the security of the room. “I don’t want to use the word ‘hangout’ too loosely,” said Greubel. “It’s not meant for students to skip class and hangout.” There will be a staff member who is supervising the room and equal access , as well

Some might wonder about the future of clubs that use that room, such as Committee WHS and Interact. Greubel says it will be easier for members of the clubs to move around the room with the more open floor plan, and that students will have more comfortable seating during the meetings.

Greubel’s team is very excited to continue the project and is optimistic that it will positively affect the student body. “We really want kids to get excited about this,” said Greubel. “It is a good opportunity to get Wash moving towards and innovative future.”

The model for the plans of the Student Center renovations. View from the door of the room. Photo provided by Wren Greubel.

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