Eyes on the Prize

Warriors Add a New Incentive Program to Boost Practice Attendance.

Jessie Koozer

The Washington High School baseball team just finished as the state runner-up, making it to the the finals for the first time since 1994. The coaches want to continue this success and have created an incentive program to attract more players to come to offseason workouts.
The program is set up for more players to come to the offseason. Players who attend workouts will receive different incentives.
“The program would allow players to receive incentives for coming in to offseason workouts based on their attendance. The program would have different breakpoints to earn different equipment incentives. Based on the percentage a player attends for the offseason workouts the player could earn practice gear, equipment bags, a pair of cleats, a new glove, or tickets to the College World Series,” said Scott Brune, the head varsity coach at Washington High School.
So far the program has been doing well. Chris Shannon, the sophomore coach, says he had already seen an improvement in attendance at the workouts.
“Since I started here three years ago I feel there has been more ‘baseball players’ come out, what I mean is that you have kids that want to play baseball but that doesn’t mean they’re baseball players. It all starts in the offseason and so far this year our numbers have been great! With what Brune and the other varsity coaches have been doing it doesn’t surprise me that the numbers have been growing. Kids are starting to buy into what we’re preaching and what we’re doing,” said Shannon.
The program just started this year but the coaches believe that they will see player improvement from these workouts, resulting in more success for the coming season.
“Being the state runner up last year, it is the hope of the coaching staff that the players are wanting to come in to work to get better at their craft and achieve at a higher level than last year,” said Brune.

Braden Hagemen looks out at the baseball field as he awaits for the upcoming season. Picture by Isaac Gomez.