Announcement Thoughts

Jessie Koozer

This year at Washington High School there have been many changes made, one being the announcements. Last year the announcements were live, via Skype, during the fourth period of the day.
These announcements were very easy for students because they could just show up to room 224 and hop on the announcements.
But now, the announcements are recorded at 7:30 a.m, making it difficult for students who want to be featured on the announcements.
For many students who have off-campus classes, students who arrive later because of open periods, or who simply don’t have the time to get to school by 7:30, it is extremely inconvenient.
As someone who is involved in multiple clubs, I know that this is an issue that many groups have run into.
Although you can send in an announcement for another person to read, it is much more effective if a club member gives the announcement.
A club member will give enthusiastic announcements, which helps get more students involved in extracurricular activities, building a strong school environment.
“I liked the Skype announcements better, it’s live so the information is more up to date. It makes it easier for people to go on the announcements during the school day because I, and many other students have busy mornings,” said Billie Burch, ‘21.
Another problem the new announcements have caused is the fact that many teachers don’t play the announcements during class.
Although third period is slightly longer than other class periods for the purpose of teachers playing the announcements, many teachers do not because they are recorded, so students can watch them online later.
The Skype announcements were also put online. But the administration encouraged teachers to plays the Skype announcement more than the current announcements.
In theory, the recorded announcements seem like a good idea, but for many students who don’t have internet access or just simply forget to check the website, this set up causes problems.
The announcements share important information regarding activities, college visits, deadlines, etc.
Students need to be able to watch announcements during the school day to be given important information.
Going back to the live announcements would be much more beneficial.