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Sophie Lindwall, Profiles Editor

The buzzer rings. The sound of a basketball hitting the floor echoes throughout the gym. Whistles blare and shoes squeak as Sami Squires, ’19, steps back onto the court after a one-year hiatus from the team.

Squires played for the Washington High School women’s basketball team as a freshman, but she had to sit out for the last quarter that season due to a back injury. She played basketball again sophomore year. It went well, but she decided against re-joining her junior year, and went out for show choir instead.

”It was fun but definitely not my scene. I do much better with a ball in my hands than I do with choreography,’’ said Squires.

During the end of her junior year, Squires had recurring back problems that forced her to miss out on summer sports, but with the help from her doctors and parents, she was able to rebuild her strength to play her senior year.

“I missed being apart of the team a lot and decided I really wanted to get back out there for my senior year,” she said.

The women’s varsity basketball team has girls from every grade playing on it. Despite that, the girls are all friends, which strengthens the team, according to Squires.

“Basketball teams don’t necessarily have to be friends with each other but usually the good teams are the ones that are,” she said.

Squires has been playing the game since she was in first grade, with her dad coaching her YMCA team. From third to sixth grade, she played AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union) with Team Iowa and then for the Fedar Team for the Junior Warriors until her freshman year.

“Sami gets along with everyone. [She] has lots of experience playing in past years and those experiences really do help the younger girls that don’t have as much experience at the high school level,” said Caitlin Riley, ’19, a fellow teammate and friend of Squires.

Squires is also an avid leader in different activities and clubs at Wash. She is the president of National Honor Society and a leader in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes.) That leadership transfers to the basketball court.

“Sami is a ray of sunshine and makes being a part of this team so enjoyable. She hustles in practice and during games and is a huge encourager, bringing positivity to the team. [I] am glad to have Sami back on the team this year,” said Marek McBride, ’20, a member of the varsity team.

Make sure to catch a few of the women’s basketball games this season.

“This team is a major force to be reckoned with,” said Squires.