Opinion on the Announcements

Grace McKinstry, Copy Editor


Every third hour we hear the voices of our peers informing us of weekly updates and upcoming opportunities we have the chance to engage in as Warriors.

This year, announcements have taken a different path. They have replaced the former Skype-driven-chaos and currently partake in a pre-recorded, edited video available on the school’s website. Though it took some adapting for many of us at the beginning of the school year, the new change in the structure of announcements seems to be working well and efficiently.

The editing of the videos eliminates the awkward walk-on of students as they trot to the front of the camera to share their information.

Students, already nervous to show their faces and talk to an entire student body and staff, are less intimidated knowing that some of their word stumbles and awkward pauses may be edited out.

The pre-recorded videos also permit more undisrupted class time for third hour teachers. Now, teachers can look at the length of time of the announcements before playing them and note how much class time to set aside.

Additionally, if teachers are forgetful or don’t have the necessary amount of time to play them, students still have access to the news via the school website.

Therefore, if a student were to miss class for any reason, or if a student doesn’t have a third hour at all, they’d still be able to inform themselves of events happening around the school.

The to-the-point style of the announcements has eliminated several minutes of unnecessary idling.

We are able to hear what we need to hear and get back to work without the struggle of never knowing when the mess of announcements will terminate, as we’ve done in previous years.

We also cancel out the teachers who forget to mute their microphones and meddling students who decide to join in on the Skype call.

There have been numerous times in the past years that students were unable to hear the announcements due to these issues and others, such as poor audio and Skype lagging due to the unreliable school Wi-Fi.

Overall, the new format of announcements allows for an efficient way for Washington to hear the updates over the course of the week.