Definitely Maybe Review

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Kaden Fields, Multimedia Editor

Oasis is widely known for their catchy song, “Wonderwall”  which is known internationally. Even if you’ve never listened to Oasis you’ve definitely heard of the tune or song. But disregarding that song their underrated album “Definitely Maybe” solidified itself as one of my favorite Alternative Rock albums.

Oasis is a British Alternative band composed of brothers Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher. They made their debut with the album Live Demonstration which was a collection of early demo track leading up to their rise in fame. A year after the album Definitely Maybe was released. The debut studio album was an instant success. It was also the UK’s fastest selling debut album of all time. It sold over 8 million copies but only reached 58 on the Billboard Top 200.

Continuing, I think this band is very interesting. This is especially evident when trying to compare to other Alternative bands. I love the weird distorted and fuzzy guitar sounds and catchy beats to each of the songs. But Liam Gallagher’s voice is what fuses the bands sound to its iconic sound and Britpop energy. My favorite songs include, “Live Forever”, “Supersonic”, “Married with Children”, and “Slide Away.” The other songs are good, but the guitar parts can be a bit annoying to me. For instance I don’t know why but the song “Up in the Sky’ is just so annoying. Maybe it’s because of the never ending chord progression but I’m not sure. It’s still a good song, but things like repetition can be apparent to some when listening.

Furthermore, the album can get watered down at times yet it doesn’t stop it from being good. I feel like for most this album is either a home run or a flop to those who listen. It’s an acquired taste. BBC music said, ““It’s just Beatles songwriting with Sex Pistols attitude”? This is basically saying that the poetic literature the songs soak up is phenomenal, but it’s whether or not the listener feel the instrumentation entertains them.

Photo of the band Oasis by Rolling Stone

Either way, this album is truly underrated and should be praised more for what it is. This band is just insanely talented and it really shows in this album. Liam and Noel Gallagher split after creative differences and at times violent arguments in 2009. Rumors have spread of a reunion tour but nothing is for sure. All in all, Oasis’ definitely or maybe, makes a mark on the music industry for other alternative bands to come.