Cross Country 2018 Season Recap


Gabe Greco

Runners take off at the State Qualifying Meet during the 2018 season.

Jaxon Brems, Staff Reporter

          The 2018 boys and girls cross country season was a great one. The boys had a slow start due to many meets being cancelled because of weather. But in the meets they got to participate in they did very well. They won the state qualifying meet at Nolridge the week before the state meet.

          The boys did very well in the state meet, they actually did better at this state meet than any other in past seasons. Dowling got first place by one point in the state meet, followed closely by Dubuque Hemsted, and then Washington in third place.  

          The top finisher for Wash was Lewis Klamen followed by Paul Schniterman, and Khory Nobles in first, second, and seventeenth for wash. Even though they did not win the whole meet, Coach Harte says all of them ran very well and some had their personal best times in this meet. “We had a great season, our hard work really showed in the state meet.”

          The girls also had a great season, they also did not have many meets to begin with due to weather. But Coach Nichol says they kept practicing and working hard throughout the season. They did not win the state qualifying meet, but two runners did.  Reagon Gorman and Libby Wickham. Reagan did very well placing tenth in the state meet.

          Wickham hurt her ankle a week prior to the state meet, but Coach Nichol says she worked with a personal trainer and kept practicing so she could participate in the final meet. She was still able to run but did not do as well as she wanted to due to her ankle. She placed 47th.

          According to Coach Nichol, the girls most challenging meet was the NVC Super Meet. It was difficult because of how many different schools and teams were there to participate so it was a bit intimidating at first. But the girls still ran very well. They got eleventh out of fourteen, but many of the girls ran their personal best during this meet.  The Eastern Iowa Classic was also a great meet for them. “Eastern Iowa Classic was an earlier meet but it was the best one, everyone got to compete many personal bests,”

           Coach Nichol also says that she loved how the number of girls on the team was much higher than past years which made it pretty exciting. She also says the team was very cohesive and family like which made them a joy to work with. She hopes this will continue in seasons to come. “The team was very cohesive which made it very fun to work with them, compared to past seasons.”