Anthem of the Peaceful Army Review


Photo of Anthem of the Peaceful Army by The Current

Kaden FIelds, Multimedia Editor

Greta Van Fleet’s new album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” just released this October and holy crap is it good. Greta Van Fleet, for those who are unaware, is a Rock and Roll band from Michigan. The band includes Josh, Jake, Sam Kiszka, and Danny Wagner (both Josh and Jake are twins while Sam is the baby brother). Josh is on vocals, Jake on guitar, Sam on bass, and Danny on drums. Together these kids put adult musicians in their place. Not only is their music writing and composition utterly genius but their strength and amplification on sound is absolutely incredible. The band is best described as the new Led Zeppelin.

With their first very successful debut album, “From the Fires” Greta Van Fleet soon blew up big and fast. They played their first major gig last year at Coachella really gaining publicity and started selling out shows instantly. The hype for Greta fans was at an all time high for this next album. “The Anthem of the Peaceful Army” doesn’t disappoint me a single bit and really lives up to that hype.

My favorite part about this album are the songs itself and their uniqueness. They keep the same format as most classic rock bands do yet their originality gives fresh air to a sound so familiar. Throughout the entire run through of this album, you can just tell how much fun the band is having. The songwriting in this album is quite spectacular, the poetic and celestial lyrics make every song so enjoyable to listen and think about. That experience is only enhanced with Josh’s exaggerated and godly vocal range, pitch, and execution.

My personal favorite song on the album is “Brave New World.” Not only is it pretty badass but the guitar and drums is what sets the mood for the tone of this rock ballad. This song is pretty catchy yet super raw. If you don’t air guitar to this song you may be crazy. But other songs like ‘Watching Over” “Lover, Leaver” and  “Anthem” are just some examples of this bands genius, melodic, and just amazing strength.

Overall, there’s nothing bad about this album, it has it all. If you’re a Rock and Led Zeppelin fan I highly recommend listening. This may be a longshot but this is probably my favorite album of this year. I can’t think of anything else that can top this. Seeing these guys perform live is even more of a spectacle and is one of my favorite performances live I’ve ever seen. So give this album a listen.