iLearning Beginnings

Jaydin McMickle, Co-Opinions Editor

Ilearning hasn’t started yet, leaving kids after the first month of school stuck with bad grades and unlearned material is setting up this year for failure.

Starting this school year the students of Wash have been told how “great” Ilearning is going to be and how it is going to decrease the gap of achievement that Warrior time hadn’t been doing.

But as we keep pushing actual I learning farther and farther back we end up in a big hole of missing assignments, unlearned materials, and many F’s.

The unpopular opinion people have think I learning will start up in a reasonable time have been talked all through the halls of Wash.

It has taken a week to get started and people just aren’t happy. They want to be productive in the twenty-five minutes period. Walking in the classes you see many kids messing around on their phone and just not using the time wisely.

“It is super confusing, but I am not behind yet.” Priya Kearney ‘21

It seemed to be the popular opinion around Wash, while we all sat and watched Ilearning unfold. “I have no opinion on it.” Travell Wright ‘21

The three big complaints are; The period it’s after, how long it is, and the process to look up which advisory they will be in today.

“Get better internet.” Lily Palmersheim ‘20

In a few weeks we will have a good grasp on what Ilearning will be for the rest of the year.