Childs Play Review

Destiny Adams-Matthews, Staff Reporter

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What’s a real childhood without getting haunted by your favorite show’s doll, right?

Well the killer doll, Charles Lee Ray, A.K.A Chucky a.k.a the most wanted serial killer at the time, made sure that Andy a 5-year-old boy had a childhood to remember.

Andy was an innocent child who lived with his single, working, mother the day that everything started happened to be, his fifth birthday he had an “active imagination” like any other child. He was a sweet little boy with fun on his mind and time on his side.

It all started with a police chase of Charles Lee Ray in his human form  got shot outside of a toy store. He breaks the lock and goes inside, needing to possess anything close, to continue to live. His best friend was a magician and showed him certain things time from time,mostly because he knew that he was a serial killer and was afraid of being murdered. But it just so happens that this close to figure was a “Good Guy” doll which just so happened to be Andy favorite show and Charles Lee Ray became Chucky.

Mean while it was little Andy’s birthday and all he wanted was a “Good guy” doll. His mother did everything that she could to get one for him. She was so happy when she saw that a peddler in the back of the mall, where she worked had one for her. It just so happened to be the one that had been possessed by the serial killer. Charles Lee Ray.Ray decided to keep going with his murder schemes as a possessed doll.

Of course once that started happening Andy was labeled as a “danger” to himself and others.

He was taken away from his struggling mother, which made her struggle more.

Of course In the beginning his mother didn’t believe Andy when he repeatedly said that there was someone inside of his doll. Sooner or later all signs pointed to that Andy telling the truth.

Chucky finds out that if he wants to free from the doll he must find the first person he told and possess them. He has no problem with this because the first person he told was a little five year old.

He gets to relive his life. Start fresh of course he wasn’t going to change his ways he just wanted to be in an actual body. So while Andy was being taken out of his home and running away he was being followed. By Chucky at first he thought he was being paranoid but everything kept showing him that he was being followed, shadows, little feet, deaths, the doll.

People around little Andy kept dying, or disappearing.

In this original Chucky movie, “Child’s Play” there are multiple mischievous and scary situations. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys horror films.