Warrior Mens XC Looks Ahead to State Meet


Gabe Greco

Paul Schneidermann, ’19, runs in the state qualifying meet at Noelridge Park on Oct. 18.

Jaxon Brems, Staff Reporter

The 2018 Washington cross country season has been a challenging but very successful one.  Earlier in the season, Coach Will Harte says that many of the meets were pretty challenging.  But weather issues caused several meets to be cancelled.

 Harte says that there were four meets that were cancelled because of weather conditions.  One was from heat, there was a flooded running area and even just from rain. Harte said he feels that because of these issues with weather, the runners didn’t have a good chance to provide themselves.  

That was only until two meets ago when they won the divisional meet, and also the following meet for state qualification which they also won.  All of the runners are very hard workers. Harte said whenever they were not competing in a meet, they were practicing hard. Harte was very impressed with his players performance.  “The season has succeeded expectations, all players have performed very well,” Harte said.

Harte said that most challenging team they had to face was Dubuque Hempstead.  But they still did very well. The Warriors final meet is this Saturday Oct. 27.  There are many different schools competing in this state meet, but Harte says he feels that the Warriors are more than ready for whatever this meet has to offer.  This final meet will be a great chance for the Warriors to show all of their hard work over the season.

One thing that has affected the team earlier this season was on Oct 4.  Cross country member Cameron Smeby, ’22, was hit by a school bus and severely injured on Mount Vernon Road during a morning run.  Harte says this really affected the team because they lost one of their players.

Harte says this final meet should be the best yet, he is hoping this will be the Warriors best performance of the season.  Harte also has a inspirational slogan he tells the team, “We go from here, we move forward, we learn from our mistakes, we accept our failures, and we look forward to the future.”