Truth or Dare Movie Review

Destiny Adams-Matthews, Staff Reporter

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It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Truth or Dare is about seven college teens having fun gone wrong.


Seven college teens decided to go to an old house with rumors of being haunted, and if you played a certain game there, you would awaken “The Beast.” It all starts with a blast from the past. Like last time it all went down they decided to “share the dares” in the hopes that most would survive.


The main cast is Cassandra Scerbo, Brytni Sarpy and Mason Dye and the film is directed by Nick Simon.


This Horror Film was about a previous overnight adventure of a haunted house that “killed” a whole block with its stories and mythical adventures. With curiosity growing the block was dissolving. They knew all myths weren’t true, but were curious to see if the truth or dare seance was true.


But then they read the command, “Do the dare or the dare does you” and things got a little too hot to handle (pun intended.) Secrets get let out friendships die but not as badly as the people. They have to do three rounds starts with seven teens in only 48 hours. Who lives who dies whos ready to take on the challenge?

In this movie the college teens decided to rent out the house and take on  the adventure to see if the myth about the overnight haunted house was true or not. First it started as a sick joke, one of the students just wanted to have fun and catch something cool on camera, but then something awkwardly real began ton brewing Dreams were killed and so were the people they just wanted out but that just getting out wasn’t good enough.


I Recommend this watch it’s not jump of skin scary but it’s still a nice watch.



This is the movie of desperation and insanity. This the movie that has fears coming true as small as insects as big as lost with insanity and pressure to the core. If you think you have problems try talking to the first victim or maybe the second. Or maybe the last who doesn’t even get recognition that they’re alive.



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