Washington Student Arrested During School Hours

Abby Throndson, News Editor

The morning of Oct. 10, a Washington High School student was taken out of the classroom and arrested when CRPD officers discovered that he was in possession of a firearm. There was no threat to the safety of the students and staff in the situation.

There was no lockdown issued, because the situation was handled and a lockdown, even a partial lockdown, would only disrupt learning. According to the CRPD, the student was arrested for unrelated warrants and was being searched when a handgun was discovered.

“In an situation where students could be in danger, a lockdown would be issued and students would receive the information and instructions that they needed,” said Washington Principal John Cline.

The administration’s first goal to make sure that people are safe, then their concern is students learning, fearing the lockdown might disturb the learning environment, the decision was made to not call a lockdown.

The CRCSD’s Communications Director, Akwi Nji, sent an official email to parents/guardians of Washington students at 10:43 a.m., a half hour after an email was sent to Washington staff members. The information needed to go through the right mediums, to the right people, before the administration was ready to tell the students.

Cline has also introduced more ideas for safety and security of the school. He hopes that these improvements help people feel more safe as well as keeping the school safe. The administration also thinks that there are still a lot of improvements to be made.

Cline hopes to have a secure entryway, much like the buzzers at the elementary and middle schools, sometime in the next year, maybe even making that the only point of entry to the school.

Cline said, “I feel safe. My daughters go here, I have no worries about them, I have no worries about the safety of students… this incident didn’t threaten the safety of this school. Students should have no reason not to feel safe here.”