Jack White Album Review


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Kaden Fields, Staff Reporter

Jack White is famously known for his guitar role in the duet band “The White Stripes.” Their epic, electric and defining sound blew the rock and roll media out of the water during their time as a band. But ever since Jack and Meg White’s break up within the band in 2011, Jack has been on a roll with his solo career, even debuting his first solo album in 2012 called, “Blunderbuss.” As of recently, Jack had released the highly anticipated album, “Boarding House Reach” last summer.

This album is super unique to its predecessors especially considering he sometimes ditches the “White Stripes” sound he is known for. The albums use of technology, noises, and tone is super weird and off-putting. Most of the album is a psychedelic dive into the mind and how we understand music and art in general. Don’t get me wrong though this album is pretty sweet.

The single “Connected by Love” was a great introduction to what this album was going to sound like. It’s catchy, melodic, and an epic that people can associate the album with. The only sad part of this album is how Jack shies away from his icky, melodic, genius, and truly masterful guitar and piano playing. Yes, it does show up, but not as much as I would like it too. What made Jack White unique from other rock stars is how he uses his instrument and his sound no one could replicate and to see him really take a big step in a new direction makes me sad. But there is hope! In the song “Over and Over and Over” his iconic and beautiful guitar riffs and solos speak out. This is my most favorite song on the album by a longshot.

Continuing, this album doesn’t really have “flaws” it’s just simply an acquired taste with the majority of the album. Rolling Stone simply puts it saying, “It’s his strangest record yet.” And I couldn’t disagree more with Rolling Stone, it makes me uncomfortable at times and maybe that was the end goal for Jack.

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All in all, if your a White Stripes fan looking for another fix, this album probably wouldn’t suit you best. But for those who are interested in Jack White and the sound he has been developing himself in nowadays, this is a great album to check out.