Red Cedar Chamber Orchestra

Kaden Fields, Staff Reporter

New things are happening this October. One thing to look out for is the Red Cedar Chamber Music and their new concert program called “Love and Life.” They gave introductions into their program on October 1st by playing music from the concert to the fine arts classes. The group of talented individuals includes Akwi Nji (spoken word artist), Carey Bostian (cello), and Miera Kim (violin) in which combined create a unique orchestral group. But you may question, “A spoken word artist, um what does that mean?”Well the special part about this ensemble is the fact that they intertwine spoken poetry with music that fits a common theme, meaning, mood, and other literary and musical devices. If you’re an orchestra nerd this is right up your alley! Lastly,  If you are interested on finding more information go check out their website at to view their concert schedule.

 In this video you can see the orchestra performs the piece, “Serious Thoughts.”