Postseason Push


White Sox dog pile cc by marbla123

Isaac Gomez, Sports Editor

UPDATE October 16, 2018
The Brewers had such a crucial win against the Dodgers on October 15. Yasmani Grandal had another tough game behind the plate and at the plate. He gave up a passed ball and failed to block a pass ball that ultimately scored a run. Grandal struck out three times, one being a chance to score a run or two in the ninth inning. The Dodgers will play Austin Barnes the plate and who knows if Dave Roberts will ever learn.
Jeremy Jeffress had another shaky appearance in the ninth. He had bases loaded with only one out. Jeffress struck out Grandal on a Curveball in the dirt and struck out Brian Dozier looking at a fastball on the outside corner.
Orlando Arcia hit another home run in the postseason. He has three in the postseason and he only had three in the regular season. This home run was clutch because it was with a runner on base, giving Milwaukee a 4-0 lead. I think this win gives the Brewers great confidence and I think the Dodgers are going to take the series in Milwaukee.
UPDATE October 15, 2018
Both series are tied up with all four teams having one win. The Red Sox got their first win when David Price pitches. He took the mound with a 0-9 record in the postseason and he tried his best to get the win for the team. He was able to get through 4 and ⅔ innings before being taken out. The Red Sox were able to capitalize on a less than sharp Gerrit Cole who gave up four earned runs.The Astros made it interesting in the ninth inning with a George Springer double, Jose Altuve single off the wall, and a fly ball that went to the warning track by Bregman. Kimbrel didn’t look sharp as the closer and that is now two appearances with shaky appearances. With the series going to Houston, Boston has to find a way to take a game there. If not, the Red Sox played their last game in Boston.
The Brewers bullpen has been so dominant in the Rockies series but they are being overused. Wade Miley could’ve gone at least one more inning but Craig Council decided to go to the bullpen. The bullpen ended up giving up the lead in the eighth inning and with a fresh bullpen they should’ve won. Josh Hader went three innings and it only takes a matter of time before he is getting worn out. The Dodgers are in a weird position. The starters aren’t doing as good as they should be, the offense can have a solid inning but then after that they can seem like they don’t know how to swing a bat. They need things to be figured out and soon, everything needs to be going good at the same time.
UPDATE October 11, 2018
The Astros and Red Sox will face off in the American League Championship Series while the Dodgers and Brewers will face off in the National League Championship Series. The Dodgers and Brewers series will be a very interesting one. If the Brewers want to go to the World Series. They need to capitalize with runners in scoring position. In the last two games the Brewers have seen great progress from the bottom of their lineup. One name that stands out is Eric Kratz, who went 5-8 while brining in 2 runs and scoring a run. He is living his best life right now and they are hoping he can continue his tear in the postseason. They will have a big challenge in the first game. They will be playing at Miller Park but they will be facing Clayton Kershaw. They will be put to the test and it will be vital to win these games at home. The Brewers bullpen has to continue to be as dominant as they have been. They will have to tame a Dodgers lineup that can always be very dangerous and they can never be taken lightly.
The Astros are the favors to win this series. They have every right to be as confident as they are right now. Alex Bregman commented saying “The Stros need to be playing PrimeTime television at 7 pm.” Bregman is probably the most vocal about how good the Astros are and they are putting up the numbers to back it up.
UPDATE October 1, 2018
Game 163 at 12:05 in Chicago, game 163 at 3:05 in Los Angeles. First time in MLB history that there are going to two tiebreakers. The Cubs will host the Brewers while the Dodgers will host the Rockies. The winner of each game will win the division while the losers will face in the Wild Card. The loser in the Chicago game will host the Wild Card game.
All four teams blew out their opponents. The Dodgers beat the Giants 15-0, the Rockies beat the Nationals 12-0, the Cubs beat the Cardinals 10-5, and the Brewers beat the Tigers 11-0. Tonight the fun begins.
UPDATE September 28, 2018
After another day of baseball down, the standings have changed even more. With only seven games played, there was still something going on and something for everyone to look out for. The Dodgers had an off day but the Rockies played against the Phillies and they continued to stay red hot. The Rockies have won once again making it seven in a row with a 5-3 win.
Something interesting that was confirmed is that the winner of the NL Central will have the top seed. So that means that the other team, whether that be the Cubs or Brewers will be in the Wild Card with possibly the second best record in the NL.
The Cubs beat the Pirates 3-0 and the Brewers had an off day, so the Cubs now have a one game lead in the division. The Cubs now play the Cardinals who are struggling so this is a very important series for the Cardinals because this depends on if they make the playoffs or not. This is also important for the Cubs because they have a very slim lead in the division and this can make it or break it for them.
The Rockies play the Nationals while the Dodgers play the Giants. The Nationals and Giants are playing trying to play spoiler in this last series of the year. The Nationals shut down Tanner Roark so they will pitch Max Scherzer who is making a case for the CY Young award, against the Rockies. The Giants took Madison Bumgarner out early so he is able to pitch one last time against the Rockies.
UPDATE September 27, 2018
The Brewers have clinched a spot in the postseason for the first time since 2011. The Brewers had a slim 2-1 lead against the Cardinals in the eighth when the third baseman Mike Moustakas made a low throw and it got past Travis Shaw the first baseman. The runner on first Adolis Garcia raced home after the bad throw but he lost his footing and fell on the third base line ultimately costing the Cardinals their game tying run and possibly the win. The Brewers caught a huge break and that play led them to clinching a playoff spot.
The Cubs had a 4-1 lead in the eighth inning when they gave up two in the eighth and in the ninth, Starling Marte came up with two on and he had a 2-2 count. Justin Wilson threw a high fastball and Marte went with the pitch and sent a line drive to Anthony Rizzo who couldn’t hold onto the ball which allowed two runs to score and allowed Marte to get a double. This game was so important because the Cubs now only have a half game lead over the Brewers and if they lost the Cubs would lose their lead. But in the tenth inning Albert Almora hit a walk off single allowing the Cubs to keep their lead.
With the Cardinals losing, the Cubs celebrated because they clinched a spot for the fourth year in a row. Colorado has been on fire lately winning their last six games. They were finally able to gain ground on the Dodgers with a dodgers loss. The Rockies are now in the lead by a half game. The Dodgers are now in the second Wild Card spot and the Cardinals are one game out. St. Louis is having a similar breakdown as Arizona. St. Louis has definitely cooled down and they are paying the consequences. They have to now fight for a Wild Card spot with two other teams.
Meanwhile on the other side, the Athletics are fighting for home field advantage and they pulled a game closer winning last night and the Yankees losing. They are now only 1.5 games behind the Yankees.
With another week coming to a close, October baseball is becoming a little more clear in some areas but there are still some spots up for grab. This includes the Red Sox division title, possible Wild Card Game in Oakland, and 3 divisions that are still up for grabs.
The Red Sox have had a less than impressive September to their standards, showing signs of weaknesses in their pitching. The Sox were the second team to clinch a division and it was icing to the cake considering the fact that the Yankees beat them in the first two games 3-1, 10-1, and the Yanks had a 4 run fourth inning courtesy of a grand slam hit by Giancarlo Stanton, but the Sox came back in the late innings ultimately winning 11-6 and clinching the division on the Yankees home turf.
With the loss to the Red Sox, the Yankees now have to fight for home field advantage for the Wild Card. The Athletics are only 1.5 games back from the Yankees for home field, but the A’s eyes are on something else and that’s the division. On September 20 the A’s beat the Angels 21-3 and Francisco Arcia became the first player in MLB History to catch, pitch, and hit a home run in one game. But the A’s are 4.5 games behind the Astros and that can be overcome but with only a week left in baseball, it will be quite difficult for the A’s to overcome that deficit with no room for error left.
The Rockies are only 1.5 games out and I think that’s the only division that will be looked at until the very last day of regular season baseball. The Rockies had a very important series with the Dodgers but they lost 2 out of 3 putting them in second place. After that series, the Rockies were able to sweep the Diamondbacks, but unfortunately for the Rockies the Dodgers had a three game series with the Padres and they won out of three. With the Dodgers losing one game that series, the Rockies were able to capitalize over that moving one game closer to first place. The Rockies have a series with the Phillies and Nationals while the Dodgers play against the Diamondbacks and Giants. So both teams will be keeping an eye on each others scores for the rest of the season.
The Brewers pulled a game closer to the Cubs who lost to the Pirates, without a doubt the Cubs should’ve won the game but their offense was absent in the loss with Cole Hamels providing the only run with a home run.
But what happened in St. Louis is much more important pertaining to the Playoffs. The Cardinals who had a 4-3 lead going into the 7th inning ultimately blew the game because Bud Norris thought it was a good idea to pick off to first with Mike Moustakas on first. There are many things wrong with this play, Mike Moustakas was definitely not thinking about stealing second, there was only one out, and there was a runner on third. It was not a logical play and it cost the Cardinals the win.
With that loss, the Rockies are now only half a game out of the second wild card spot. The Rockies have won 5 games in a row but unfortunately, the Dodgers are also doing very well and Colorado just can’t catch a break. The Brewers have a three game lead for home field advantage and they will most likely host the Wild Card game if they don’t win the division.
Athletics clinched a spot in the postseason on September 24 with the Rays losing. Now the Athletics will be fighting for home field advantage because that is very important for a one game series. Last year, the Yankees never lost on their home field. These two teams fan bases are very devoted and they both carry the same amount of energy. Oakland is only one and a half games behind and they will be fighting until the very last pitch of the season.
Updates will be coming daily as we sit and watch this amazing last week of baseball, where players become unlikely heroes and teams will really see how much they want it all.