Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church is more than News


Matthew Gearhart, Opinions Editor

The detailed accounts of sexual abuse under the catholic church are disturbing to say the least. The genuine reality of such massive religious institutions corrupt to the core. Public ignorance on the matter, previous acts of obscuring the documents that exposed hundreds of priests, done by the church. It all leaves an ugly chill down the spines of those who know. The institutions around America should make clear that any sort of abuse is not tolerated, especially the abuse hidden behind the walls of organized foundations where such wrongdoing can be silenced.

According to Vox, over 1000 victimized children have been estimated by the grand jury, with at least 300 priests identified as a predator. The assaults range from rape to sexual physical contact. These specifics originate from a 2 year broad investigation into catholic clerical sexual abuse scandals across the U.S. It reviewed over 500 thousand internal dioceses documents. A dioceses is a district under the pastoral care of a senior member in the Catholic Church. The U.S church has also stated more than 17,000 people have been reported across the U.S. since 1950.

A man sexually victimized by the church, Shaun Dougherty, 47, said “It is a life-long thing, you know… We struggle with suicidal thoughts. You don’t try to think about killing yourself over a nice sunshiny day. And when you don’t see a sunshiny day in years, this is what it’s all about.”

Campbell Mitvalksy, a catholic and Junior at Washington Highschool, gave his insight on the haunting narrative. “I have heard of it in the media, however I believe this an issue that needs to be talked about more.”  Mitvalksy makes a good point, the amount of students that don’t know in much detail about what exactly has occurred within the walls of these churches is disappointing and shocking to say the least.

“’What has occurred within the church is horrible and inexcusable. Truly disgusting what these priests have done… I feel that the church should do a better job investigating tbe priests before they become one. The church should prioritize this issue to make sure something like this never happens again.” Mitvalsky stated.

It is one thing to criticize an institution, religion or organized group for acts that are unforgivable. But another to admit your own religion’s misdeeds and failures. Catholics across the world agree with Mitvalsky and are speaking out.

Nothing of this sort should be taken with a grain of salt.  Instead of just reading incoming news on sexual assault, no matter what the context, we should evaluate and understand the underlying impacts inside the structure and seems that hold our society together. As well as actions that are justified to deter behavior proceeding in our civil society. Long, thought out, intlectual discussions on what this means, how our civilizations should precisely structure itself and what it accepts as within its moral hierarchy We need to show people we won’t forget this. Take action. Speak up.